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Creature Contraptions building a better future in LEGO

2024 has been a delightful year for the Space theme, with it showing up in surprising forms across a range of LEGO themes. Ian Hou (DOGOD Brick Design) keeps the Space party going with a whimsical scene where old and new space minifigs pilot fish-ships and bug-gies to a chameleon-inspired space station. In the spirit of joyful collaboration, the model even incorporates a modified portion of the LEGO Friends Mars Space Base for the chameleon’s control module. According to the builder, the scene depicts a facility where the “dragon” restores life-giving soil. The central building is so colorful and fun, but my inner-kid’s favorite element has to be the adorable beetle buggies.


For more of Ian Hou’s playful animal-inspired builds, check out our DOGOD Brick Design archives.

This LEGO chameleon will leave you tongue tied

Builder Joss Woodyard is quite prolific with his many creature models and he hits the mark again with this wonderful chameleon. I really appreciate the color work here with the subtle difference between the bright green and medium azure in the body and the orange underside really pops. The articulated limbs using ball joints create tons of possibilities for action poses. I also love the perfectly curled tail and the extended tongue with tiny fly is the perfect finisher. According to the artist, instructions will be available for this colorful creature soon.


Cable Clip Chameleon

Builder Joss Woodyard has made a chameleon out of LEGO and it’s simply a small work of art. There are a lot of axle connectors used in this build for the tail and the spine of the creature. I love that it manages to stay true to the color scheme of an actual chameleon. White wedge plate create gaps that resemble the mouth and there is great part use with the pumpkin part used to portray the characteristic eyes which bulge out the side of their head and appear to swivel about in all directions.

Cable Clip Chameleon

Like a chameleon

I would like you all to appreciate the fact that I did not make a Culture Club reference in the title for this absolutely adorable pair of chameleons, brought to us by Joseph Z. This little pair of color-changing cuteness are nestled in the forest, amongst the green, chowin’ down on what looks like quite the tasty insect snack.

As clever as the chameleons are, I would love to get a better peek at that purple flower below!