Adding a splash of colour to the Star Wars universe

We don’t just feature LEGO builds here on TBB because they’re cool, you know. Well OK, that’s partly why. But equally, we hope that sharing builds like Tino Poutiainen‘s here can inspire fellow enthusiasts (or those new to the hobby!) to pick up their bricks. Case in point: yours truly, after seeing Tino’s awesome take on the Vulture Droid from Star Wars! This particular creation takes the Separatist starfighter and turns it into something that would not look out of place in a manga, or even Maschinen Krieger. The Technic panels on the legs are what drew my attention; I don’t think I’ve ever seen them used for a Vulture Droid, even though they look like a near-perfect fit. Now excuse me while I go and rifle through my parts bins – Tino has given me an idea…

Vulture V2

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