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Why did the chicken walker cross the road?

Every time you think you’ve seen the best LEGO version of a Star Wars vehicle, someone turns around and makes something else incredible. This awesome AT-ST by GolPlaysWithLego utilizes a combination of LEGO and a sprinkling of other brand elements (mostly wedge tiles), along with a whole lot of skill, to raise the bar yet again (in fact, we featured their previous AT-ST version in 2019). The shaping of the gangly mech is spot-on, but it’s the posing with the uneven terrain that really sells this one to me. It’s almost shocking how much adding a good base to a build can improve it, especially a simple and clean design like this one.


I am not a cookie, I am a super-genius

When it comes to super-genius inventors with secret labs under their bedrooms plagued by the stupidity of siblings, parents and contemporaries, Dexter’s Laboratory is one of the best. And judging by this comically detailed model, GolPlaysWithLego agrees. I can almost hear his unlikely Russian accent (inspired by creator Genndy Tartakovsky) shouting Dee dee’s name.

Dexter LEGO MOC v2

There are so many picture-perfect details, like his large glasses, poofs of red hair, pointy shoes, and his side-buttoned lab coat, complete with a splash of green slime. And check out this alternate expression, which uses upside-down tooth parts for angry brows. Dee dee better hope he doesn’t press that shiny red button.

Dexter LEGO MOC v2

The future of Porsche according to one builder

Ever wonder what Porsche will be doing in the year 2049? Well, it turns out GolPlaysWithLego (don’t we all?) has the answers you seek. At least this creation uses Porsche parts anyway. I was going to give the new 10295 Porsche 911 Turbo & 911 Targa set a hard pass for its boring white color (I know, silly me!) but these complex curves may have me rethinking that strategy. Sleek and futuristic seems to be this builder’s thing. Check out what I mean in our archives.


A new take on the most classic Star Wars ship

Remember the scene in The LEGO Movie when Batman says he doesn’t know where to get a hyperdrive, and then he freaks out when the Millennium Falcon suddenly shows up out of nowhere? That’s how I felt when GolPlaysWithLego‘s gorgeous model flew across my screen.

Midscale Millennium Falcon LEGO MOC

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Hovercars don’t have to be bright to be beautiful

Visions of the future have been promising hovering cars since the 1960s and we are still waiting. But with LEGO creations like this hovercar by GolPlaysWithLego we can imagine ourselves whooshing down the floating freeways of tomorrow in style. Rather than build a flashy, bright-colored hovercar inspired by the video game franchise Wipeout, this one is made using monochrome shades of spaceship gray, and it looks great. The way the windshield part fits so smoothly into that arch, it’s like it was made just for that purpose.

Another hovercar LEGO MOC

The future of space travel is looking good

We have already seen one Tesla launched into space last February when the SpaceX Falcon Heavy blasted off, but it looks like this super-sleek personal spaceship by GolPlaysWithLego just might be a Tesla from the future, that has traveled across time and space from a human colony on Mars. This stylish ship is the perfect blend of form and fashion and is full of great details. One of my favorites is the revolver between the two rounded white accents on the front.

And then Mars!

The model makes excellent use of one of the windscreen parts from the Speed Champions theme. I honestly can’t decide whether I like the slim contours of the body more or the fin-riddled engine assembly. In any case, this is one sleek spaceship.

And then Mars!

A chicken walker just waiting for Ewoks to crack it like an egg

Despite the vehicles from the Star Wars movies being built time and time again, from endlessly re-hashed official sets to uncountable builds from the LEGO community, sometimes a fan creation comes around that makes you say “Wow.” This Imperial AT-ST by GolPlaysWithLego is one such build, capturing the likeness of the scout walker impeccably. The hips have the wobbly look that is so distinctive of the aptly-nicknamed chicken walker, always sorely lacking in official sets, yet it still seems solidly put together while maintaining excellent proportions — it’s certainly the best I have seen.


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Mech made for the catwalk with a frame that just works

Mecha seem to be coming out of the woodwork left, right, and centre at the moment, and the warrior mech Howlite by GolPlaysWithLego instills a sense of gladness in me. This slim line bipedal mech holds all the familiarity and function of a humanoid hardsuit, only this time, driven by a Trandoshan (aka Bossk from Star Wars). The chest has been ingeniously constructed with a curved windshield forming a smooth collar for the transparent canopy to sit.


The balance between greebling and practicality within this mech is admirable. Not one section of this build is over done, yet it holds some impeccable parts use. The combined use of the new truncated cone piece, alongside a couple robot arms, ice cream cones, and a phone handset makes this pelvis section stunning. Its somewhat skeletal design and colour scheme gives utilitarianism a well needed facelift.

Ruby, the warrior mech: she’ll slay you with her looks and with her gun

Some mechs are big, bulky and ready to smash through just about everything, obliterating all obstacles and enemies with hugely overpowered weapon systems. Ruby the warrior mech is not that kind of gal. GolPlaysWithLego’s creation is elegant and long of limb, with just enough red coverings to keep things interesting. Graceful curves on her legs leave the eye pleased, yet there is just enough greebling in the middle to make things look realistic. However, she isn’t your stereotypical damsel in distress because one of her asymmetrical arms is actually a gun.


Several features of this mech really stand out, not least of which is the beautiful contrast between the smooth limbs and cockpit areas and the greebled midsection. The splashes of red liven up the whole model, and the transparent light blue canopy (built from a 3 x 6 x 1 curved windscreen and 4 x 4 x 1 2/3 canopy half sphere with handle) complements the rest of the build well. Paint rollers attach two headlights to the mech’s chest, and a red snake head from the Ninjago theme perhaps serves as a sort of antenna. My favorite part, though? The feet, with those curved claws for toes. But from those toes all the way up to her head, this is one mighty fine looking mech.