A new take on the most classic Star Wars ship

Remember the scene in The LEGO Movie when Batman says he doesn’t know where to get a hyperdrive, and then he freaks out when the Millennium Falcon suddenly shows up out of nowhere? That’s how I felt when GolPlaysWithLego‘s gorgeous model flew across my screen.

Midscale Millennium Falcon LEGO MOC

That’s no piece of junk, Luke. I never thought I’d see such a smooth LEGO design for the famous YT-1300 (almost as smooth as Lando Calrissian). Each edge of the main body curves downwards with amazing flow, yet still maintains the lived-in, worn-out look that is so iconic to the Falcon. From many angles, the ship looks less like it was made out of LEGO pieces and more like it’s one solid starship.

Midscale Millennium Falcon LEGO MOC

The attention to detail is phenomenal as well. The “trench” areas of the Falcon, seen in the Star Wars trilogies with piping, wiring and other stuffed nooks and crannies are clearly replicated here.

Midscale Millennium Falcon LEGO MOC

GolPlaysWithLego says the model contains about 3300 pieces, despite being a bit smaller than the minifigure-scale models like the 75257 Millennium Falcon from The Rise of Skywalker.┬áThis mid-scale build of Han Solo’s spaceship leaves the viewer with one question: Have we finally reached the pinnacle of LEGO Millennium Falcon designs?

(For a larger-scale answer to that question, don’t miss Hannes Tscharner’s incredible Millennium Falcon model.)

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