Hannes Tscharner’s quest for a movie-accurate LEGO Millennium Falcon results in a 12,000-piece upgrade

Swiss builder Hannes “Marshal Banana” Tscharner has been in pursuit of a movie-accurate Millennium Falcon ever since he first shared his 7,500-piece custom LEGO Millennium Falcon back at the end of 2015. He’s recently overhauled his 2015 model thanks to some new parts that were released in the official Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) 75192 Millennium Falcon in 2017.

Millennium Falcon ROTJ (Mark II)

His journey started when he was inspired by images and teaser trailers from The Force Awakens in November 2014. Back then, the largest official Millennium Falcon available was the 10179 UCS version with a part count of 5179 pieces. We learned from our interview with Hannes that his 2015 version stood at 7,500 pieces and wasn’t built in reference to any existing LEGO sets and was scaled to the cockpit referenced from the System-scale 75105 released for The Force Awakens earlier in the fall of 2015.

Millennium Falcon ROTJ (Mark II)

This week, he’s revealed a huge bump in terms of both total parts and accuracy, with an element count over 12,000. This version is based on the designs for the Falcon from Return of the Jedi and the 32-inch model used by Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) that served as a reference from the very beginning of Hannes’ LEGO Falcon journey. Hannes’ latest custom LEGO Falcon measures 82 cm x 54 cm x 23 cm. Comparing it to the more recent UCS Falcon with a part count of 7,541, Hannes’ second UCS-scale Falcon is similar in size to both the official UCS Falcon and his first custom version, but with 4,500 more pieces than both, the additional parts add a stunning amount of extra detail.

Millennium Falcon ROTJ (Mark II)

One particular part that stood out for me in terms of movie accuracy is the heat exhaust vents (the six black circles at the rear of the Falcon), which are much larger on the official 75192 Falcon than they should be when compared to the movie version. The render by Christian Fröhlich is one example of how it is supposed to look like when compared to Hannes’ design.

The new design also consists of a full interior that’ll make Han Solo feel right at home – and I’m sure Chewbacca would approve.

Millennium Falcon ROTJ (Mark II)

I like Hannes’s representation because he still keeps The LEGO studs visible instead of going with a pure, studless approach.

Millennium Falcon ROTJ (Mark II)

Here’s another angle that highlights the true beauty of the Millennium Falcon that we’re sure you don’t want to miss!

Millennium Falcon ROTJ (Mark II)

For more Millennium Falcon goodness by Hannes, here’s our interview with Hannes back in early 2016, right after he shared his original 7,500-piece custom LEGO Falcon.

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  1. Hannes Tscharner

    Thanks for the nice post. The most important new feature is a fully detailed interior capturing all main rooms, smuggling compartments, storage rooms, gangways and so on: https://flic.kr/p/2d849tg This is also why the model consists a huge addition of parts ;)

  2. Edwinder Post author

    @Hannes Tscharner. Thanks! We’ve made a quick update to reflect that as well!
    @Nuno Carvalho. I’m afraid not, it’s a fan creation.

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