Fan spends a year building 7,500-piece Millennium Falcon from the Force Awakens

I half joked in my post about improving Rey’s speeder that my next project would be to mod my 5,000-piece UCS Millennium Falcon set into the version seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Hannes Tscharner planned a bit more ahead of me, and has spent the last year planning, designing, gathering the LEGO parts, and building his own Millennium Falcon from Episode VII.

Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII)

At 7,500 pieces, Marshal’s Millennium Falcon uses fully 50% more parts than the 5,195-piece official 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon (the second-largest LEGO set ever sold by part count, and arguably physically the largest set ever). This LEGO Millennium Falcon measures 82 x 54 x 18 cm, or nearly three feet long.

While the internal structure required to make the model light enough at 10 kg (22 pounds) but sturdy enough to pose at an angle like this doesn’t allow it to have a full interior, it does have light-up engines and gun wells.

Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII)

One of the most noticeable differences from the official LEGO set is the change to the sensor panel, as reflected in the minifig-scale Millennium Falcon I reviewed recently. And here’s another shot of the light-up quad cannon emplacement.

Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII) Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII)

It’s clear from this top-down photo that the builder has spent some significant time with various reference materials — the plan view shows just how closely his model lines up to the shape and details published in books like The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels. Unlike the fairly bare belly of the official LEGO set, Marshal Banana’s version has a fully detailed underside.

Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII) Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII)

Similarly, I’m deeply impressed with Marshal Banana’s greebling, which is particularly evident along the sides of the Falcon — it’s hard to look intentional without looking totally random.

Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII)

See his photostream on Flickr for more photos.

Finally, don’t miss Marshal Banana’s 10,000-piece Jawa Sandcrawler from 2011.

8 comments on “Fan spends a year building 7,500-piece Millennium Falcon from the Force Awakens

  1. Andrew Post author

    Nit pick, nit pick, nit pick. Is it not enough to enjoy this amazing model, as Aero_Dynamic did?
    Also: “5,000” was clearly and intentionally approximate, just as the builder’s “7,500” is.

  2. Archang3ll

    Actually the Ultimate Millennium Falcon built by the guys over at Titans Creations is the best independent MF I’ve ever seen. And it’s impressive because NO custom pieces were used, it has a full interior, a walk to and from Cockpit, and a four-seat cockpit. It is simply amazing.

  3. Andrew Post author

    We featured that earlier this year. Yes, it’s pretty amazing, but it’s just an interior. Those guys should get together with Marshal Banana and create the ultimate Millennium Falcon that has both a fully detailed exterior and interior. No Falcon can be the “best” until it has both. ;-)

  4. Andrew Post author

    All kidding about nit-picking aside, good catch — though I’d argue that the UCS Falcon is still the “biggest” based on size. :P

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