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2049 Chevrolet Stingray Spinner

I love writing about other builders’ models, but it’s nice to remind our faithful readers that we’re builders too. Inspired by the iconic Spinners from Blade Runner, I decided to dismantle my Speed Champions Stingray and upgrade it with more futuristic elements. Retaining the color theme was a must, as I had to use the Stingray logo stickers. Thankfully I have a mess of dark red pieces to spare. The biggest challenges I had were building a sleek, swooshable body as well as finding a canopy structure that worked.

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Would you like to take it for a spin?

The Sci-fi masterpiece Bladerunner brought us the original Spinner, and the 2017 follow-up film, Blade Runner: 2049 featured a few new versions. Marius Herrmann treats us to the one driven by the main character, A replicant named K. The model itself is stunning in its attention to detail, and the dramatic image of the desolate landscape makes the perfect backdrop.

K's Spinner (from "Blade Runner 2049")

The spinner doesn’t just look good on the outside. Like the on-screen inspiration, the doors swing up from the front, and Marius included a fully detailed interior.

K's Spinner (from "Blade Runner 2049")