2049 Chevrolet Stingray Spinner

I love writing about other builders’ models, but it’s nice to remind our faithful readers that we’re builders too. Inspired by the iconic Spinners from Blade Runner, I decided to dismantle my Speed Champions Stingray and upgrade it with more futuristic elements. Retaining the color theme was a must, as I had to use the Stingray logo stickers. Thankfully I have a mess of dark red pieces to spare. The biggest challenges I had were building a sleek, swooshable body as well as finding a canopy structure that worked.

Oddly enough, this build started with the engine sections. Their delicate designs are built with modified studs with bars which I attached to 1×1 bricks with studs on the side. Rounded hinge studs with claw clips were used to attach the nozzles. Mudguards attach on either side provide a technical detail which I used to elevate the mechanical aspect of the engines.

I’m satisfied with how it all turned out but I’m also partial. You can find more of my builds here on the site or on my Instagram (@benny_burd). Also, shout out to Simon Liu for throwing together a great photo editing job for me. Make friends in the community, guys. Helping each other out when we can is one of the greatest aspects of the LEGO fan base. Together we can build a better world.