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Search for replicants in style with this spinner from Blade Runner [Instructions]

The iconic Blade Runner police vehicle, better known as the “spinner,” is one of those vehicles that went down in history books as being so popular and such a part of pop culture that you can find it in the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle, Washington. Now you can build your very own with LEGO bricks thanks to hachiroku24.

Police Spinner from Blade Runner

Click to see video instructions and a full parts list

Bladerunner spinner scours the skies for skinjobs

One of the most interesting concepts to emerge in Ridley Scott’s noir-style dystopic Bladerunner would have to be the police hovercar, also known as a spinner, which we first see descending through the rain on clouds of steam. Meticulously re-created by Davdup at larger than mini-fig scale. Aside from the most excellent sculpting of this unique profile, the inclusion of several custom stickers perfectly captures the details of its onscreen inspiration. The only thing that could improve the overall effect would be some white steam clouds.


And just in case you are wondering if it also drives on the ground, the answer is yes. Both of the doors open as well.

Blade Runner Spinner - landed mode