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Negative space (travel)

Two of the bigger challenges that a builder can face when creating a custom LEGO creation are angles and empty space. Blake Foster has done a great job of conquering both with his Procyon Planetary Research Hovercraft. I can only imagine the number of techniques at play in creating the craft’s hexagonal outer wall. Complicating the matter is all that empty space in the center, which gave Blake the opportunity to outfit the sides of the wall with some great greebling. But I think my favorite aspect of the whole build is one of the more subtle choices – the use of the 1×4 spring shooter launchers, added so that the notch of light bluish gray from the scaffolding cuts slightly into the dark bluish gray of the engines. It’s a great touch that helps keep anything on this craft from looking like a plain old square.

Procyon Planetary Research Hovercraft

Hovercars don’t have to be bright to be beautiful

Visions of the future have been promising hovering cars since the 1960s and we are still waiting. But with LEGO creations like this hovercar by GolPlaysWithLego we can imagine ourselves whooshing down the floating freeways of tomorrow in style. Rather than build a flashy, bright-colored hovercar inspired by the video game franchise Wipeout, this one is made using monochrome shades of spaceship gray, and it looks great. The way the windshield part fits so smoothly into that arch, it’s like it was made just for that purpose.

Another hovercar LEGO MOC

LEGO Technic Hovercraft 42076 [Review]

I don’t know why, but I love hovercraft. They are to me like spaceships are to Benny. Are they boats? Or planes? Or something else? Regardless, I really wanted 42076 Technic Hovercraft to fill the Technic hovercraft-shaped void in my soul, an emptiness left unfulfilled by previous Technic Hovercraft (8824, 42002). The Hovercraft retails for $89.99 and includes 1,020 pieces.

42076 Technic Hovercraft box

Was this kit worth the $90 to build and play? Read on to find out.

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