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Atlantean jetbikes and umbrellean jellyfish

Whenever Steven Erickson and Mark Erickson get together you know it is going to be LEGO magic—underwater magic, in this case. But maybe that’s my undying urge to live my life as the mermaid I know that I am—or at least was in a past life. Or maybe it’s the amazing underwater creatures that these builders created.

Atlantean Jetbike

Using the jellyfish mask for a jellyfish isn’t groundbreaking, but it is nice to see these odd parts pop up in creations. The true brilliance is the use of the trans pink umbrella to create an even bigger jellyfish. The leaf parts work great representing the tentacles. The Bionicle Olmak mask works great as an underwater vehicle. The only thing I am not sure about is the faucet used as a steering wheel.

Atlantean Jetbike

The beast from the depths

Brothers and LEGO Masters contestants Mark and Steven Erickson are continuing their big building skills with this beautiful leviathan. The scale here is deceptive, as the stand spans several feet, made of transparent bricks with lights embedded. Look closely right in the middle and you’ll spot a tiny Thor battling the mighty Jörmungandr. The sea serpent also has lights in its eyes, as well as a fog machine for real smoke, and the result is astounding.

Ragnarök Begins

This massive LEGO castle is full of little details to keep you coming back

LEGO Builder Mark of Falworth is no stranger to The Brothers Brick and shows no signs of stopping. His latest castle creation is titled “Storst Castle”, and there’s a lot to unpack. It’s one thing to craft a large-scale LEGO castle, but it’s an entirely different thing to incorporate it into a lush setting including an idyllic pasture, water, and an active underground hill. I love builds like this that have a grand scale, yet also have little stories playing out. It will pay to take your time to really dig into all the little details on this huge diorama.

Storst Castle

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A month of Mark – LEGO Castle models by Mark of Falworth

I’m not sure how he does it (short of a Time-turner), but Mark of Falworth is one of the most prolific LEGO Castle builders on Flickr. Doing so is pretty normal during major contests, like the Colossal Castle Contest, for which Mark won the Master Builder title this year. But the end of the contest didn’t stop Mark from building, and he sometimes posts substantial scenes and dioramas day after day. Mark seems to have been particular busy this April.

Here’s Mark’s latest, a tall tower on a seaside cliff titled “The Battle of Drearcliff Pass.” Notice the different layers in the dirt and rock:

The Battle of Drearcliff Pass

In reverse-chronological order, here are the other LEGO Castle builds Mark has posted so far this month.

(LCC) The Mission of a Lifetime (LCC) Treasure?... Ho hum.

(LCC) Through the plains of Loreos Achilles vs Hector

The Siege of Troy (main)

Mark certainly didn’t start being prolific a few weeks ago, so be sure to check out his photostream on Flickr for more.