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Dragons! Knights in shining armor! Trebuchets & ballistas! From enormous LEGO castles buttoned up for battle to peaceful village market scenes, we’ve got your LEGO Castle needs covered right here.

A shimmering gateway to new worlds

Inspired by the new Nexo Knights theme, Milan Sekiz has created a scene that, like the Nexo Knights theme itself, is half castle, half space, and complete awesomeness. The swirling portal door is beautifully designed and the premise of the build, the Nexo Knights’ firsts steps into a fantastical new world, is inspired.

Nexo Knights Origins

Check out more photos on Flickr.

Two ravens of the Nine Kingdoms

At first glance, this diorama by Austrian builder sanellukovic might appear to be a scene from Lord of the Rings, but it’s actually an original scene built for a LEGO Castle roleplaying game called Die Neun Reiche (the Nine Kingdoms) on the German-language site Imperium der Steine. One’s eye is certainly drawn to the excellent statues in the back, along with the brick-built pair of ravens, but my favorite details are the stone walkway leading to the paved area, with its missing paving stones.

[9 Reiche] FB1 - Kepons raven

Fire-spewing, bellows-powered war wagon

How do you fight a foe with ice in his veins and the ability to call down a winter blizzard on top of your head? With this fire-spewing, bellows-powered war wagon by Jacob Nion of course! Though I’m slightly horrified that Jacob folded pleats into that fabric (Seriously, will it ever be flat again?), it resulted in completely adorable (and presumably, powerful) accordion-style bellows. Also, the dragon-shaped potbelly stove and Jacob’s iconic rat warriors round this build out into sheer awesomeness.

Skaven Incinerator

A traveler’s rest at the Dunholm Taverna

Wochender, one of the team members over at The Brick Time, has built a couple of wonderful medieval buildings that would look beautiful in any setting, with their carved timber construction and stonework, but the trees and roads surrounding are what caught my eye.

Dunholm Taverna & the House of Peer Rumstiek

Both buildings also have full interiors.

Click through to see the interiors

Dracula’s den

Last year’s Colossal Castle Contest has been over for a month now, so naturally I was surprised to see a large castle Moc with the distinctive “CCC” in the title. The builder, Maciek (“Toltomeja” on Flickr), says that it is a re-build of his earlier CCC entry. I don’t know what the previous incarnation looked like but this one is a beauty!

Dracula Castle - CCC XIII

Speaking as a castle builder, it’s very exciting to see the old but superb techniques of tubular gothic windows and minifig flipper roofs. The builder also included an excellently detailed interior, something you don’t always see in a creation this scale.

Dracula Castle - CCC XIII

Maciek has uploaded lots of pictures so be sure to check them out in the Flickr album.

New plans formed within the ruins

This castle by markus19840420 has seen better days, but the crumbling, mossy appearance of the structure is precisely what makes this build so appealing. Castle walls can be created quickly with LEGO. So quickly, that it becomes almost second nature to assemble bland, plain walls of grey. (I’ve taken apart more castle works-in-progress than I care to admit simply because they were too bland.) Markus’s battle-scared walls, on the other hand, have character. My favorite detail is the jagged hole in the tower revealing the set of spiral stairs inside. The figures huddled around the table under the awning also breathe life, and a little mystery, into this build.

Neue Plane

Sunset slumber

Ever since Tyler and Nannan built their masterful floating island collaboration called Aurora, other builders have taken up this beautiful and unique genre both individually and in groups. One of the regulars in the new unexplored theme is Brother Steven. His latest build is a sight to behold!

Sunset Slumber

Built as part of the Isles of Aura, the combination of a quaint well-balanced creation and an excellent edit job makes this quite a stunning picture. I hope we see more floating islands in future!

Shrine of Polarized Birefringence

This build by WRme2 is simply one of the most brilliant creations I’ve ever come across:

We’ve featured many castle vignettes before, so what makes this one so special?
It’s the windows. That’s not fancy photoshoping, that’s science!

WRme2 has figured out that due to the manufacturing process of some of the earlier LEGO bricks, when photographed with a polarizer you get that amazing effect which he has so brilliantly used in this build.

Here’s what it looks like with portion of a brick under a polarizer (like sunglasses):

For those really interested, he’s also done an equally impressive job explaining the science behind these colourful bricks.

Hoth’s Moving Castle?

This cracking Castle-themed AT-AT build by Adam Dodge properly made me chuckle. This wouldn’t be a bad little Castle tower, even without the legs. There’s a nice variety of greys, textured bricks, and jutting roofs to break up the walls. But plonk said tower on top of a set of medieval AT-AT legs, and you’ve got a really fun build. I like the cannons mounted on the side of the “head”, and those flags and line of bunting add a welcome splash of color. There’s even a skeleton hanging in a cage beneath the beast’s belly!

Ye Olde AT-AT

If I had one suggestion for improving this, it would be to change those radar dish elements at the hips. They’re too smooth for my liking. I’d have liked to see something a bit craggier, maybe some big cogs, suggesting hefty medieval machinery at work. However, that’s nitpicking – a minor niggle in an otherwise great model.

I’d like to see this creation in a mechanical battle to the death with one of my own models – this Troll AT-AT from a few years ago. Bring it on Adam! Your Crownies are going down!

Point of no return

Nick Runia’s Bridge of Lost Souls is exactly what you get when you can’t decide on the final design of your brick-built medieval tower; you just build both of them! This diorama, on the one hand, is a massive tower with sturdy walls buried in verdure. On the other hand, it’s a gloomy evil tower surrounded by inanimate rocks.


But what really deserves attention is the bridge itself. It might not be that noticiable considering huge towers on the both sides, but it is the point of smooth transition between good and evil. And the way warm sandy colors flow into cold ones is truly great. Finally, let me point to astounding roofing of knight’s tower and leave you tete-a-tete with the author’s photostream.


Beware the Greye Cliff Fortress!

W. Navarre ended the year with a flurry of activity aimed at the 13th Colossal Castle Contest and might have a shot at the Master Builder prize with the breadth and variety of his entries. My personal favorite is one of his last, this foreboding fortress built into a cliff that appears to be spewing lava!

Greye Cliff Fortress

In addition to the fearsome skull on the front, the fortress has an interior. Behind the door is a working portcullis.


Medieval done right with Luke Hutchison

The Castle theme has a long history within the LEGO community, and builders all over the world have produced magnificent creations in every size, shape, and color. Luke Hutchinson (Derfel Cadarn) is one of the originators of the now-common “ramshackle” style, characterized by the odd angles and an organic approach to the scene. His beautiful creations inspired me to start building with LEGO and posting my creations online many years ago.

So, naturally I was very excited to see a glimpse of his latest creation in a teaser pic a few months back. He continues to improve his own building style, pushing his creations further and further, influencing many other builders in this theme.

'Where The Wild Things Are...'

We had a chance to talk to Luke more about his creation and his approach.

Read more after the break!