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Dragons! Knights in shining armor! Trebuchets & ballistas! From enormous LEGO castles buttoned up for battle to peaceful village market scenes, we’ve got your LEGO Castle needs covered right here.

The Jewel of the Eastern Seas

jsnyder002 takes a trip East for his latest LEGO creation — a series of minarets and domed towers strewn across a rocky island chain. The architecture has a wonderful Middle-Eastern flavor, without being the stereotypical desert scene these kind of “Oriental fantasy” settings often take. I really like the two-tone rocks of the islands — it gives the impression the ocean around these outcrops might sometimes get quite rough.

Qasr Albahr

There’s a nice sense of activity and bustle with the minifigs moving around the towers and docks. And don’t miss the intricate brickwork used to lend texture to the town’s walls, bridges and steps…

CCC Teaser

A boatload of interesting details in this LEGO Castle gatehouse

Most of the LEGO castles we’ve featured here on The Brothers Brick lately have started to all look the same — messy rockwork, roofs akilter, and plant life that looks like it’s going to strangle you if you look at it wrong. Greek LEGO builder Giorgos Solomonidis has gone a different direction, placing a pair of Viking boat hulls atop his gatehouse as its roof, and embellishing the wall with studs-out paneling rather than just messy brickwork. The windows built from hinge bricks are a particularly nice touch.

Kastra Gatehouse

Forest hideout deserves revealing

Brother Steven appears to enjoy a getaway in the woods. At least that’s the message I take from his latest LEGO scene, a forest hideaway lodge. The rock base is lovely, and the light gray bricks make a nice change from the usual darker shades used for stonework. The waterfall is well done and the lodge itself looks suitably rustic. The only bit I’m not sure about is the square-trunked trees, but even though I might have employed round bricks, it’s not a deal-breaker when everything else is so nicely worked.

Huntsman's Lodge

And don’t miss the lodge’s interior and the hidden tunnel entrance when the model is viewed from the rear. This is a wonderful piece of LEGO building — I could look at it all day.

Hunter's Lodge

The world’s an inn, and death the journey’s end

Out of necessity, most LEGO castle builders stick to a regular color palette of light gray or dark gray. Sometimes we’ll use tan if we’re feeling particularly frisky. But Patrick Massey has kicked this old convention out the window and assembled a medieval inn out of beautiful autumn colors. The end result is a stunning and unique creation that looks well lived-in (if not a little spooky).

Westwood Inn

Winter comes for the Black Falcons

Temperatures are dropping in the northern hemisphere and winter approaches quickly. Gerard Joosten has helped the black falcons prepare with this lovely Winter Fortress. As a long-time Castle fan, I love the traditional Black Falcon colors which make it highly recognizable. The walls themselves manage to mostly avoid the “great grey wall” syndrome with nice texturing and architectural elements.

What I love the most, though, is this gorgeous Black Falcon mosaic decorating the back tower. The details are fantastic, and give a lot of character to the build.

Cry havoc and release the pachyderms of war

Mark of Falworth is on a roll. Fresh from wowing us with his LEGO medieval bazaar, now he brings us the latest thing in Castle-era artillery — monstrous ballistae mounted on the back of elephants. As well as the nicely-built siege engines, the beasties are equipped with armour and tusk-blades, creating a formidable war machine either at range or up close and personal. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of a barrage or charge from these bad boys.

(CCC14) Elephant Artillery

Lording it up in a lakeside castle

LegoLord says he hasn’t built anything for four years, but this impressive castle shows those skills haven’t grown rusty through misuse. The landscaping and lake are nicely done, and the fortress itself has a realistic feel, as if it had been built over centuries, reinforced by a succession of nervous Lords. Far too many LEGO castles are starkly symmetrical, whereas this build has different heights and styles of tower dotted around the external wall.

Dawn Lake Castle

Zooming in on the details pays dividends — don’t miss the central keep atop its plug of rock, tan walls and red rooftops offering a nice contrast to the surrounding gray and brown. But it’s this close-up view of the walls which reveals the effort LegoLord has gone into to avoid the dreaded BGW — “Big Gray Wall”. The buttressing, the scattered inclusion of textured bricks, the nicely-placed patches of foliage — all come together to create a convincing impression of weathered stonework.

Dawn Lake Castle

Vikings menace a huge LEGO display of Anglo Saxon Britain

Brick To The Past is a collective of British builders who specialize in large-scale historical dioramas in LEGO. We’ve covered some of their previous masterpieces, including a huge Roman camp and section of Hadrian’s Wall, and their recreation of the streets of Victorian London. We recently interviewed leading member James Pegrum about BttP’s impressive Battle of Hastings display. As if that wasn’t enough for 2016, the gang’s latest effort is this enormous diorama depicting a section of Anglo Saxon Britain in 793AD.

England 793

As you’d expect from such a large model, there are numerous areas worthy of your attention. An obvious highlight is the monastery under attack by Viking raiders…

The Holy Island

Click here for closeups of this incredible diorama

When it absolutely positively has to be there before winter

It’s that time of the year again… Time for the annual Colossal Castle Contest! We’ve already featured a few of this year’s CCC entries, but the amazing creations just keep coming. Paul Trach is even labeling his CCC builds, presumably to promote the contest. His adorable little dogsled is full of baked goods and weapons – everything you need to survive the harsh winter weather.

Winter Outfitter

Cornering the market in grand style

Mark Erickson is well known for his castle and medieval-themed builds and his latest creation is a grand one. Entitled ‘The Grand Bazaar’, Mark has created a beautiful, bustling, colourful market scene packed with details and nice techniques. This bazaar has an exotic feel of the east with a camel, trees from warmer climes and a rare sighting of a yellow parrot. The architectural details are lovely, with arches constructed from bricks and slopes and a great combination of colours.

(CCC14) The Grand Bazaar

There are a great many details that require a closer look, but for me the combination of colours is the highlight of this build. I love the blue tiled roof with hints of sand and olive green on the more official ‘town hall’ looking building on the right. The use of the Belville oriental carpet as a canopy adds a lovely flash of bright red, while sand red makes a rare appearance on the sloped roof of the building to the left. A really captivating scene.

(CCC14) The Grand Bazaar

LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 sets unveiled [News]

Yesterday we got a look at more of the new City sets, and this morning we saw LEGO’s new BMW motorcycle. For a more fantasy twist, take a look at the Nexo Knights sets for 2017. We don’t have word on the price or part counts for the new sets yet, but I spy a number of new elements. Check out all six new sets below.

70351 Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster
LEGO Nexo Knights 2017
LEGO Nexo Knights 2017
LEGO Nexo Knights 2017

If you still haven’t picked up any of this year’s Nexo Knights sets, check out our reviews of Axl’s Tower Carrier, General Magmar’s Siege Machine of Doom, The Glob Lobber, Macy’s Thunder Mace, Aaron Fox’s Aero-Striker V2, and the stand-alone figures. And remember, many of this year’s Nexo Knights sets are currently on sale on Amazon.

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Sorcery is bad to the bone

This evil little floating rock was summoned into existence by Henry F, and it has a sinister feel that I love. The gray rocks have a cloud-like look that really makes them feel like they are floating, and the pillars give it a very elegant look. The genuflecting skeletons give it just the right amount of comic relief!

CCCXIV - The Three Pillars

This was built for Colossal Castle Contest XIV.