Darkness rises and light to meet it

We’re currently a month and half away from the final installment in the Skywalker saga, (not that anyone at The Brothers Brick is counting). At this point, everything we know about it is from the toys, trailers and promotional images, but that can’t stop eager LEGO builders from making creations based on the movie. Following some brilliant recreations of scenes in other recent Star Wars movies, KevFett2011 has recreated what I’m sure will be a memorable and iconic scene from the next film. Potential spoilers ahead if you’re avoiding the trailers and/or our speculation turns out to be correct.

Star Wars Episode IX - TROS : Crashed Emperor's throne room

The scene depicted features Rey and Kylo Ren squaring off in the ruins of the second Death Star. And whether that’s actually what’s happening in the movie or not, this model looks awesome. The jagged shaping of the floor and walls using slopes and wedge plates give the structure the appearance of being a giant piece broken off from something bigger. The loose pieces strewn about the throne room reinforce the damaged effect, while also being just one of a few illegal building techniques used – enough to make even the baddest Sith Lord blush (yeah, I know Kylo Ren is a Knight of Ren and not a Sith).