Ben’s been up to “something, something Star Wars”

The variety of amazing builds we feature here at The Brothers Brick certainly leaves me (Ben Dodds) inspired to go and try out some of the ideas we see. And whilst work has kept me busy these last few months, any free time I’ve had has been spent running away from screens and into the LEGO drawers (amid actual running!). In this small free time that I have had, I’ve found myself building Star Wars vignettes. They’re small, and the challenge is to get as much in the scene without it looking cramped. One such scene is well timed with the release of the Ahsoka series and revisiting the Rebels team. Here, with the Rebels figures I have, we find the Spectre team mid-heist in a face off against pursuit unknown.

With each build I try to give myself a challenge. And here, I wanted to see what I could build with curved Roller Coaster rails. For this, I looked to turn them into a stairwell, and this little scene grew from there, using the escalator pieces as the stairwell itself. Making the limited connections work was a challenge, but it adds a central focus to the build while also allowing me to furnish the build with a water feature. I also added a flourish of vegetation to detract from the inevitable grey that was unescapable here. It is LEGO Star Wars after all!

Next is the lonely throne of Bo Katan Kryze, which was featured in the latest series of The Mandalorian. My favourite LEGO piece is the Erling/headlight piece: amazing connection points and so useful! Both with the news of the designers passing and with a recent find of trans-clear pieces from the Pick-A-Brick wall, I felt they were ripe for an imposing window here.

Finally, I’ve always held a soft spot for the 2003 Clone Wars 2D animated series, and in the scene below we find Anakin in a duel with Sith Assassin Asajj Ventress in the ruined Massassi Temples of Yavin IV. We can see Anakin’s anger come to the fore in my favourite sabre duel of the saga. This also gave me the chance to play around with creating some ruins and finally use the Ninjago blade piece, which helped to capture the rain evaporating on the blade.

Next up for me to build? It’s the 25th Anniversary this year of the Adventurers line, so that’s where I’m plotting a course for next. I’m also going to leave an honourable mention to 41757 Botanical Garden, as I’ve started building this and its perfect on every level. And if you want to see the current state of my builds you can find me on Flickr and Instagram.

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