How do you say awesome LEGO starship in Mando’a?

It’s a good job – and a happy coincidence – that the Star Wars universe has such a good proficiency in English (or Basic, as it’s known). Otherwise, we’d end up having to learn things like Binary or Huttese to have any idea of what’s going on. Thankfully, if you’ve watched The Mandalorian, you’ll know how to pronounce the name of Simon Wild‘s epic LEGO starfighter. Bo-Katan calls it a Kom’rk-class fighter transport, otherwise known as the Gauntlet. Simon’s model features a shade under 3,000 pieces and is apparently faithful to minifigure scale, putting it firmly in Ultimate Collector Series (UCS)-scale territory. The SNOT and wedge plates used to create the pattern on the wings look great. It’s all the more impressive when you consider how structurally awkward this ship is, with everything connected at one end only. Building it must have been nearly as hard as learning Shyriiwook!

Gauntlet Fighter