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Dieselpunk for the electric age

We have here an electric automobile, rendered in LEGO, named after Nikola Tesla. Thankfully, though, Flickr user Ghost Hunter Gunn doesn’t spend their spare time making questionable decisions about social media sites and acting like a second-rate Bond villain. Probably. Of late, they’ve spent their spare time upgrading an old build of theirs. This creation is a digital render, but is still faithful to the original. And what a cracking design! Dieselpunk always looks cool to me, but sometimes strays a bit too much on the greasy side. Ghost Hunter Gunn has really leaned into the art-deco with this one, producing great results. It’s definitely more of a looker than the Cybertruck, that’s for sure….

Paragon 'Nikola' hovercar

Today I Learned: Collaborative intelligence

If you don’t know what collaborative intelligence is, let me show you an illustrative example. You take two brilliant LEGO builders, say, ▷Cezium◁ and Ivan Martynov, you put them inside shared digital building space (aka collaborative mode in Stud.io) and let their shared mind run wild. But be cautious of some mind-blowing mechs and awesome use of LEGO Mindstorms elements.

Usually I don’t appreciate people changing LEGO parts colors to any non-existing shade; it just ruins the challenge of using what is available. But with jaw-dropping render quality I can forgive a lot: these builds look both mesmerising and a bit terrifying. I’m kind of happy they only exist in the digital world.

Something strange is creeping in the soul of this Bionicle

The Toa better be wary of this creature! Ivan Martynov has constructed this fascinating model based on the classic Bionicle hero, Keetongu. However, a parasite now wears the hero’s armour, as it attempts to impersonate the ancient elder. While the model is mostly made up of Bionicle and Hero Factory parts, general LEGO pieces are mixed in with the build, such as the coverings for the feet and angled handles at the upper thighs. Some of the pieces you won’t be able to find in that warm orange colour, as the model is a rendered image. The hints of pink and transparent purple contrast nicely with the rest of the build, providing this creature with an ominous appearance.


Putting a new spin on the word “limestone”

My, oh, my, isn’t it crazy how good LEGO renders are getting these days? You’d never guess that this “agile planetary tricycle” by Ivan Martynov is actually computer-generated. But while some of the parts don’t exist in those colors, it’s still a thing of beauty. I love the colorful, large “lime-stone” front wheel, but it’s equally impressive on the back end.


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There are rally cars, and then there is Lancia

As a little kid, I was so confused with how people could tell all the sports cars apart: they are all red, look sleek and drive super fast! How do you know which one is which without looking at the logo? As it turned out, all the iconic cars are actually so different, you need no more than 8 LEGO studs in width to capture a unique character. And this is exactly what Jerry Builds Bricks did with the lovely Lancia Stratos.

A 5-year-old me would not believe it if I told myself I could instantly recognize Lancia just in a straight row of curved slopes and the iconic headlights. And as an adult LEGO builder, I appreciate how the bulky Speed Champions canopy is fitted here. If only this small model had working suspension…

Blissfully busy are brilliant blue barn swallows

Say that ten times fast! I’m just keeping you on your toes, like these busy little creatures. If you’ve ever worked on a farm or ranch, you know the job can be hard work. Barn swallows, named such because they often nest in barns, are no slouches! These beautiful birds, recreated here in LEGO by Bricolé, spend countless hours building their mud nests and raising up to 10 babies (in two clutches) a year! They’re always in a hurry and even eat while on the go! They earn their spot in the barn by scooping up tons of pesky flying insects.

As wonderful of a color it is (and as great as it looks here), LEGO “earth blue” or “dark blue” doesn’t quite do the bird justice. In real life it’s pretty stunning. That said, I love the movement in this build – especially the windswept vibe of the “grass” as the wings swoosh past. The katanas for the swallowtail are also a nice touch.

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