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Doc Brown’s Flying DeLorean

The move to 8-stud wide vehicles for LEGO’s Speed Champions line was a controversial move for some, although the space afforded allows for more detail and realism. Builder Jerry Builds Bricks chose an iconic design to reproduce that manages to pack in the details. A few clever techniques for the doors and wheels let Jerry build this sleek DeLorean from Back to the Future full of features.

BTTF DeLorean 8wide

Read on to check out more of this awesome model.

There are rally cars, and then there is Lancia

As a little kid, I was so confused with how people could tell all the sports cars apart: they are all red, look sleek and drive super fast! How do you know which one is which without looking at the logo? As it turned out, all the iconic cars are actually so different, you need no more than 8 LEGO studs in width to capture a unique character. And this is exactly what Jerry Builds Bricks did with the lovely Lancia Stratos.

A 5-year-old me would not believe it if I told myself I could instantly recognize Lancia just in a straight row of curved slopes and the iconic headlights. And as an adult LEGO builder, I appreciate how the bulky Speed Champions canopy is fitted here. If only this small model had working suspension…

Cruisin’ cyberpunk style

Ever wonder what the Batmobile crossed with a DeLorean would look like? I think Jerry gives us a good idea of what that thought experiment would physically yield with his LEGO cyberpunk vehicle build.

The back of this car is what really gives me the DeLorean vibes with its boxy, beefed up rear. I enjoy Jerry’s use of the red 1×2 grille pieces for backlights — this color choice really pops against the black and grey color scheme, yet also compliments the yellow that’s accented briefly throughout the work.

Jerry also utilizes different rims for the front wheels versus the back wheels which is a bit of a visual trip from the norm. Overall the work can be construed as a fusion of multiple fantasies as well as a good mix of parts from different vehicles in the LEGO Speed Champions line and perhaps some other themes, who doesn’t like a good mashup?