Doc Brown’s Flying DeLorean

The move to 8-stud wide vehicles for LEGO’s Speed Champions line was a controversial move for some, although the space afforded allows for more detail and realism. Builder Jerry Builds Bricks chose an iconic design to reproduce that manages to pack in the details. A few clever techniques for the doors and wheels let Jerry build this sleek DeLorean from Back to the Future full of features.

BTTF DeLorean 8wide

It’s impressive how many features Jerry worked into this build. Choosing the second variant of this fan-favorite movie car provided plenty of details. The Mr. Fusion energy reactor and its components probably proved a challenge at this scale but he pulled that off and an interior. The functioning gullwing doors are extremely satisfying, as is the simple mechanism he used for the wheels. Aside from that, the angled flat hood and stand-out bumper really capture the character of the car.

BTTF DeLorean 8wide

It’s been a long time since the LEGO Cuusoo Delorean set and Jerry’s build is honestly a massive upgrade on multiple fronts. Just goes to show how much LEGO is evolving over the years. From fan builds to official sets, it just keeps getting better.

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