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The start of a winning legacy (oh, and a LEGO Lancia Stratos)

I’m a simple man: I see a well-made LEGO rally car, I want to extol its virtues online. Today’s instance comes courtesy of alex_bricks, and it’s a doozy. Italian marque Lancia won no fewer than 10 manufacturers’ titles during their time in the World Rally Championship, making them the most successful car builder. (That’s despite not having competed in the sport for 30 years, by the way!) And this is the car that kick-started that trend: the Lancia Stratos. It’s devoid of sponsor stickers, but all the better to enjoy that iconic brick-built Alitalia livery! Much like Alex’s Monaco Grand Prix dioramas, this build is really elevated by putting the car in its natural habitat, although the Stratos was at its most potent on tarmac rallies. Judging by the logs and muddy-looking road, this looks like the RAC Rally (AKA Wales Rally GB) to me. The drivers have done well to keep the car so clean!

Lancia Stratos

Lancia isn’t the only thing here with a winning pedigree. Our Telegram readers voted Alex’s aforementioned Monaco builds ‘Creation of the Week’ not just once, but twice! Be sure to join the channel to cast your vote this week…

There are rally cars, and then there is Lancia

As a little kid, I was so confused with how people could tell all the sports cars apart: they are all red, look sleek and drive super fast! How do you know which one is which without looking at the logo? As it turned out, all the iconic cars are actually so different, you need no more than 8 LEGO studs in width to capture a unique character. And this is exactly what Jerry Builds Bricks did with the lovely Lancia Stratos.

A 5-year-old me would not believe it if I told myself I could instantly recognize Lancia just in a straight row of curved slopes and the iconic headlights. And as an adult LEGO builder, I appreciate how the bulky Speed Champions canopy is fitted here. If only this small model had working suspension…

This LEGO Lancia rally racer almost looks real

When it comes to crafting scale LEGO car models, there are few better than builder Bricksonwheels. This amazing 1:11-scale Lancia Delta depicts the winning car from the Tour de Corse in 1992, and it’s marvelously detailed. The eye-catching decals were designed in collaboration with fellow builder JaapTechnic, and the slew of sponsor emblems and stripes bring the car to life.

Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO - 1992 Tour de Corse

The full name for this magnificent little hot hatch is a Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO, and the LEGO version uses about 1,700 pieces. It’s got a full interior, including an accurate roll-cage, and all four doors open, along with the rear gate and hood. The builder created this slick overlay to show off all the goodness inside.

Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO - 1992 Tour de Corse


An Italian classic that isn’t a Ferrari

When it comes to cars, Italy has a well-established pedigree. You may have heard of Fiat and Ferrari, but have you heard of Lancia? If not, let Lukasz Libuszewski educate you with his classy-looking 1922 Lancia Lambda. When it was introduced the Lambda was truly ahead of its time, in part because of its unibody construction and independent front suspension.

Lancia Lambda 1922

Lukasz’s version is a marvel of minifigure-scale engineering, as he has managed to capture elegant curves and angles in such a small model. The stacked wedge plates make for excellent hood louvers (the slotted design that helps ventilate the engine), and the minifig hands make for nice side mirrors. Hop on in and drive away!