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The cuddly king of the north

I realize polar bears are an endangered species and killing machines, but can you blame me for wanting to pet one? Especially so after seeing this extra cute LEGO recreation by Jens Ohrndorf. The build expresses a lot of character and that is not just a consequence of using the eye tiles. The subtle angle of the neck and the shaping of the back are very characteristic for a polar bear. It is a feat of photography that Jens made the bear not blend in with the ice base under it.

Icebear 2.0The builder calls the photo on his Flickr Icebear 2.0, because it is actually a remake of an older build. The older version is well worth taking a look at, but the improvements in the updated build are quite obvious.

These dogs are here to help!

While the power of some dogs is in their incredible cuteness, other dogs — though certainly no less adorable in many ways — have been bred to meet the demanding needs of the humans that they work with. LEGO 7 follows up his amazing LEGO hot dog food truck with a trio of pooches who do amazing and important work.

Working Dogs

Take a closer look at these LEGO working dogs

Symbol of freedom for an open sourced world

It’s nice to see another Lego enthusiast acknowledging a bigger movement in the technology world. This penguin or referred to as Tux is the mascot for the Linux operating system. The image of a slightly fat penguin after having a fulfilling meal was the part of the inspiration by the ‘father’ of Linux, Linus Torvalds. Timofey Tkachev does a beautiful rendition of Tux with only 60 pieces. I really need one of this on my desktop at work!



Little nipper

Watch your toes when you take a paddle on ForlornEmpire‘s brick-built beach — there are crabs about! The little red beastie looks great as he emerges from the water. Mixel-eye tiles mounted on minifigure buckets make effective eye stalks and add a heap of character — something that can be tough to achieve in single-colour models. The surrounding shoreline is perfect — simple and clean, with just enough detail to create a clear context without distracting attention from the crab itself.


Celebrating the year of dog in a company of very good boys [Instructions]

Somehow all the best LEGO creations designed by fans from South Korea are either huge jaw-dropping mechs or tiny adorable animals. This time it’s a pack of extremely good shiba puppers by CK HO. There are so many touches that make these models instantly recognizable, but I can’t help admiring their square pointy noses.


The idea of this model is so simple that you can build one yourself and make it any color you like! Moreover, you can easily customize you shiba by changing its eyes, ears or the shape of its muzzle. Click the link below to find the complete step-by-step building guide.


Click here for building instructions

Everybody loves a wiener

2018 is the Year of the Dog, so I’ve been enjoying all the extra LEGO creations inspired by our canine best friends. There are even couple new dog-themed LEGO sets, like 30542 Cute Pug and the upcoming 40235 Year of the Dog, which seems to depict a Shiba Inu. Taiwanese builder ZiO Chao has captured the quirky personality of the miniature dachshund with this black and tan beauty.


ZiO has built an unmodified male dachshund, as this view of his business end illustrates. That tail looks ready for the show ring!


(Title shamelessly borrowed from one of my favorite new T-shirts, courtesy artist Gemma Correll.)

Is it a bird, a plane or a butterfly?

You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a huge LEGO butterfly. It certainly seems to have the key features of one; four wings, clubbed antennae and a segmented body. In fact, Milan Sekiz has called this beastie a Leption, the combination of the Serbian words ‘leptir’ meaning butterfly and ‘avion’ meaning airplane.  I love those shapely wings, Milan must have used some LEGO mathematics to work out how best to fill their centres with decorative, coloured parts.


You will notice that there is a pilot at the helm, holding on to some handlebars – is he steering or just along for the ride?

Leption - SidesFans of butterflies may enjoy revisiting these two previous butterflies we have highlighted; a colourful glass-like butterfly and a larger, realistic butterfly.

From the Cairngorms to your own home, build the wildlife of Scotland [Instructions]

Earlier this month, we wrote about Brick to the Past‘s huge Scottish diorama, The Jacobite Risings,  a build taking 10 months and using 1 million bricks. Within this creation spanning 16 square metres, were some adorable, microscale models of the Scottish wildlife found in the Cairngorms. Brick to the past have provided instructions so you can build your own Osprey, Deer, Capercaillie and Black Grouse.

Osprey are a bird of prey and returned from extinction within the UK to make their home in the Cairngorms.

Click for more instructions to make Scottish wildlife out of LEGO

The dragon that still roams our earth today

The largest species of lizard that still roams the earth today is the Komodo dragon. This monster LEGO version, built by Dennis Qiu, is made from about 5500 bricks and sports a very lifelike menacing pose. It might surprise some to know that recently researchers have discovered that Komodo dragons can reproduce without mating ensuring a single isolated female can have male offspring and ensure the species continues. Dennis has used a lot of curved slopes and wedges to achieve this shapely, pose-able LEGO version of the Komodo.

Dragon Komodo from Nusa Tenggar Timur - Indonesia

A brave minifigure has volunteered to stand next to this beast to give a sense of its huge scale.

Dragon Komodo from Nusa Tenggar Timur - Indonesia

Tremendous timorous beastie

It’s not often you see a LEGO animal built almost exactly to scale. But this fantastic mouse by Thomas Poulsom (of LEGO Birds fame) looks almost ready to scuttle off around your house in search of cheese. I love the beady black eyes, the pink nose, and the way Tom has done the ears. And the whole creation is enhanced immensely by the short depth of focus — adding a fuzzy close-up feel which further reinforces the small scale. Squeakily-good stuff.

Squeak Squeak 🐁

Against all probability, a sperm whale is called into existence above the surface of an alien planet

SHIPtember may be over, but there’s still plenty more spacecraft measuring over 100 studs in length left in the sea. Feast your eyes on Christian Benito‘s fin-tastic, Spelljammer-inspired SHIP. In addition to a snazzy design, this beast has an articulated tail, exposed “rivet-style” studs, crystallization along the head, and a heavy-duty turret gun. What else could a space whale SHIP ask for?

Yris' Vengence

For more photos of Benito’s creation (including several interior and work-in-progress shots) check out his Flickr page.

Let’s go on a wild goose chase! [Video]

Jason and Kristal from JK Brickworks have a knack for making LEGO builds come alive with movement. To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday recently, they’ve built the Canadian goose! The mother goose is a remote-controlled motorized build with a string to pull along her little goslings. The result is a very realistic family creating havoc at your command!

Canada Goose and Goslings

I don’t want to spoil all the fun in how it’s all put together, but you certainly do want to watch the video feature.