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Evolution is so creative – that’s how we got giraffes

And thanks to the creativity of BrickBro we got this adorable baby giraffe. Just like the proper African giant, this animal is entirely covered in distinctive coat patterns made with bricks, plates and even 1×1 tiles of just two colors, tan and brown. Upon closer inspection it’s easy to see that just like the author’s previous build — an elegant flamingo — this giraffe possesses a couple of unexpected building techniques. For instance, the lower part of its body is built with studs facing down.


It’s time to flamenco with a flamingo

The word flamingo actually comes from the Spanish word flamenco, which came from the earlier Latin word flamma, meaning flame or fire. The name seems all the more apt for this LEGO Flamingo created by BrickBro given that it’s actually built from red bricks rather than pink. The posing of this bird is perfect, with one foot characteristically tucked up whilst the other wades through the shallow water. I love the dual purpose of the clear dish, which firstly holds the bird in a standing position, but also depicts a ripple in the water. Those stick legs look just as fragile as an actual flamingo’s legs.


This shapely bird has some clever, albeit illegal, techniques in the neck area, where the builder has used a short length of tubing to attach the tiles bottom-to-bottom. The model is built only from LEGO parts however,  and stands surprisingly steady on that one little stick leg.

Un-BEAR-able cuteness

The overwhelming cuteness of this red panda by Vitreolum might blind you to some of the great LEGO parts usage on display. Sure, it’s the chubby feet and the stripey tail that’ll catch your eye — but don’t miss the white croissants as bushy eyebrows, and the black Kepi cavalry hat for a nose! This is a cracking little model, somehow managing to be realistic but packed with cartoony character at the same time.

Red Panda

Like a moth to a flame

I always feel a deep sympathy for moths stuck indoors at night, attempting to flutter straight somewhere but instead circling a nearby electric light they mistake for the far-off moon or stars. LEGO lepidoptery enthusiast Revan has constructed a gorgeous white moth alighting on a patch of ground, complete with sprigs of grass enlarged to great proportions. Revan has captured the big black eyes and stubby little legs of these adorable fuzzy night-time creatures.


Next time you see a moth trapped indoors, be gentle and help it, won’t you?

So cute yet so deadly: Eastern grey kangaroo

Isn’t it adorable? Australian builder aldo k has done a phenomenal job sculpting this fuzzy grey nuisance. While the real thing might break your fence or punch you in the face, this adorable rendition makes great use of parts to create the perfect curves for a kangaroo. I particularly love the face: it has so much character! The ears bring it to life.


He might be little but he is no chicken...well actually...

Chicken Little is everyone’s favourite neurotic chicken who runs around telling everyone that the sky is falling and is mocked for his efforts. Well, just as Chinese New Year approaches, Alan Boar has created this adorable LEGO version of Chicken Little as he appears in the animated movie. His cute chicken features, stripey T-shirt and geeky specs are perfect, even though Alan had to compromise on colour and use grey instead of green frames.

LEGO Chicken Little

Thankfully Alan decided to build Chicken Little with his beak closed. In the movie, Chicken Little has teeth, presumably in case he gets a bit peckish, but it just seems wrong to me.

All hail to the King

Here is the King of the Brick Beasts, courtesy of Tom Poulsom, designer of the LEGO Ideas Birds set and author of Birds From Bricks. This magnificent lion is a masterpiece of studs-out building — just look at the shaping of the mane and little touches like the teeth-plates used for ears. The highlight for me though is that mouth… 1×1 sloped bricks have been cleverly inverted to create a noble-looking chin, which wouldn’t look out of place on Mufasa from The Lion King.

African Safari - Lionel the Lion

Delivery of a cute LEGO cat called Jiji [Instructions]

[amazon_link asins=’B002ZTQVLG’ template=’TitleOnlyLink’ store=’tbbwpplugin-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’06c64614-d95a-11e6-a85e-87e984af646d’] is a 1989 Japanese animated fantasy film produced, written, and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. The film’s protagonist Kiki is a trainee witch who has a black cat called Jiji as her best friend, and CK HO has built a fantastically cute LEGO version of Jiji the cat. Like most cats, Jiji has a lot of personality,  but the English-dubbed version of the film showed Jiji with a cynical and sarcastic attitude as opposed to cautious and conscientious in the original Japanese.

JiJi the black cat

We loved Jiji so much here at TBB that we asked CK to make some instructions and he very kindly obliged to allow us all to have a best friend called Jiji.

Click here to build your own Jiji!

A whale... that is also an island!

I love how insane and magical this whale island by Delayice is. The rounded shapes, which are notoriously hard to capture with LEGO bricks, are done perfectly. What I love the most are the colourful trees peeking from behind the mountain and the waterfall flowing off of the whale. The builder does not provide any information on the inspiration, but I could easily imagine this creature in a fairytale or an anime.

whale island

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea

Mitsuru Nikaido is clearly a fan of the sea and its inhabitants. His LEGO coral reef is as colourful and teeming with sea life as the real thing. A giant squid, sea turtle and a great white shark are relaxing and enjoying some of the reef’s bounty, which in this case appear to be a school of nervous looking clownfish.

LEGO Coral reef-01

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Don’t let this mecha dragonfly bug you

You would be forgiven for thinking that Big Brother was spying on you if you saw Mitsuru Nikaido’s mech dragonfly whizz past. This is no ordinary insect with its cybernetic appearance and yet the builder has managed to maintain the delicate form of a real dragonfly. I particularly love those dangling legs and the repeating structures within the main body and tail.

LEGO Mech Dragonfly-01

If you like mecha insects, you will like this mecha damselfly we previously blogged.  Mitsuru’s dragonfly is significantly larger than the damselfly and would definitely require a heavy duty fly swatter.

Majestic giants of the African plains

Legostrator‘s latest creation is a fabulous scene of sub-Saharan Africa — featuring wonderful brick-built elephants traversing the dusty plains.

The elephants themselves are great examples of brick-sculpting — with complex organic shapes well-rendered. However, as with all the best LEGO scenes, the central models are elevated into something special by the surrounding attention to detail. The feel of a hot, dusty plain is captured perfectly with the depiction of scrub vegetation and the color choices. The lighting for the photo adds immensely to the atmosphere as well. Great stuff.