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An elegant dragon

This elegant LEGO horned dragon by Aiden Rexroad appears to have a fluid, sinewy shape thanks to the ball joints of Bionicle, something that’s difficult to achieve with traditional System elements. A pair of large claws turned upside down gives the distinctive horn on the dragon’s nose, which lends a lot of uniqueness to this build. Meanwhile, Aiden has turned to Destiny’s Bounty from Ninjago to repurpose the cloth sails as wings.


Something slithering in the air

Fanged serpents are terrifying, whether made of LEGO or not, but this one is on another level! Aiden.Builds presents a high-flying serpent showing off its fantastic fangs and wings. The main body of the creature is black, which brings the colors forward for a striking look. There’s great parts usage at work here with all those segments allowing for the curve of the flying terror. It bends this way and that–I bet it looks amazing flying around in the sky, weaving through the air. I just don’t want to get too close! The way those fangs look, I know it’d make short work of me for a snack. This is one better observed from a distance in its natural habitat, rather than getting up close and personal. Luckily, it’s made of LEGO, my preferred way of looking at such amazing and terrifying creatures.


A black and blue Tytharer swoops in

Let’s start with the obvious; this monster Tytharer by Aiden Rexroad is incredible. The combination of traditionally mechanical parts like black Hero Factory armor and hoses actually feels organic here, thanks in large part to the medium azure Technic axle connectors flowing along the back. But it’s the subtle curve in the water below the beast that makes this LEGO creation feel alive to me. There’s an impression that the same wind keeping the creature aloft is churning the sea below it. And even though the base of this creation is only a fraction of the length of the centerpiece beast, it’s impossible for me not to imagine an entire ocean stretched out below him.