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Beware this brilliant biting LEGO botanical

I think this ferocious floral fright by Woomy World is just jealous it didn’t get included in the LEGO Botanical Collection 10329 Tiny Plants set, scheduled for release on December 1st. That would explain the sneer it’s rocking in the shot below, but it could also be the spiky shield pieces from the Hero Factory series crafted into that toothy visage. In fact, the whole creation is brimming with Bionicle and Hero Factory parts, leading to a very natural look and a dark, sinewy stem.

Scarlet Snapper

A warrior with a face only a builder could love

Whether you’re a fan of the LEGO Ninjago theme or not, you have to give it props for surviving for so long. Some kids that grew up with Ninjago are now adult fans making fabulously inspired and skilled creations. Now, while I can’t speak to the history of the builder known as Woomy World, I can certainly say that this Oni Lloyd-inspired build is top-notch, and a solid tribute to the theme. The entire thing is riddled with fantastic parts usage, from the dragon-headed weapons, to the clothing and body armor. What really takes the cake, though, is the expressive face. It utilizes a hat for a nose, a hood for a chin, and even a tan crab holding horns for teeth/tusks. The character is both menacing and cool all at once!

Oni Lloyd

While you’re here, stick around for more builds and sets related to the LEGO Ninjago theme. We also have plenty of articles about brick-built characters in general too!

A build that delivers on two counts

It’s sometimes easy to spot where the inspiration for a particular Pokemon comes from. It’s safe to say that Delibird – “the Delivery Pokemon” – is one such case. ‘Tis the season, then, for this super facsimile of Delibird from Woomy World! Much like the “real-world” bird, this build really does deliver. The spiky white feathers are superbly recreated using loads of similarly spiky pieces. The use of feathery wings for the ears and face adds some texture that is only implied in the original 2D sprite, but looks great nonetheless. The eyes and beak are also fantastic. So full of life!


Not a beastie anyone should corner in the dark depths

This fearsome LEGO beast comes from the mind of WoomyWorld. Lurking in the depths of the cavernous underground, it waits for the unsuspecting wanderer lost in the dark. The construction of this beastie and its scene bear great care in the details. The head is well sculpted, featuring a variety of fun pieces, including some minifig arms to frame upper cheeks. Many Bionicle pieces make up the limbs and body, including the connector joints making up the beast’s vertebrae. With its glowing red eyes, this is no creature I’d want to encounter while exploring caves! The size of it is mammoth, a scale illustrated by the tiny brick-built figure brandishing a sword. Will the ancient creature feast on the foolish or reward the wise? Only time will answer the question and only the wise will find the solution; the foolish will make for a light snack.

The Withered Beast

A dragon build that tips the scales

I’m a Sagittarius, and that’s about as far as my knowledge of the zodiac goes. But this Libra Dragon by Woomy World has me wondering if I should study it more. This majestic beast, emerging from the clouds with horns that form a scale to measure a cosmic balance is so much more interesting than those little newspaper horoscopes. Why didn’t anyone tell me it could be this cool?

Libra Dragon

I only paint in black... Or very, very, dark grey

Confession time. I know Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones is one of the most well-known rock anthems ever, but… I prefer the cover that pop singer Vanessa Carlton did. (She’s just an incredible artist, OK?) Before you accuse me of blasphemy, let’s take a look at this creation by another incredible artist, Woomy World. This build is inspired by the lyrics from the song (“I see a red door and I want it painted black”), with the black rose rising from the door forming the title of the piece. The rose looks fantastic, using everything from macaroni tubes to a dragon wing to give an ethereal, almost other-worldly feel to it.

Black Rose

It sits in contrast with the other everyday elements of the build, but they are no less impressive for it. I love the umbrellas representing drips of paint from the bucket. The painter would also be worthy of a feature on his own! The suit jacket uses Technic panel pieces which are an inspired choice and look fantastic. The hair is where I keep getting drawn to though: there are so many different pieces but they all seem so carefully placed. I can see flintlock pistols, a minifigure satchel and at least one minifigure arm. The Rolling Stones might be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but this creation surely belongs in an art gallery!

Cthulhu himself cowers before the Outer Gods

HP Lovecraft’s work has been the inspiration for many a LEGO builder over the years, as evidenced by the glut of incredible builds we’ve featured over the years. Woomy World is the latest to enter this particular pantheon with this doozy of a build inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos. Specifically, this is an Outer God – essentially the bad guys of the Mythos, and some of the most powerful. And you thought Cthulhu himself was bad! He’s got nothing on these guys. Anyway, this mythical being looks typically Lovecraftian – any being with four eyes, four arms and tentacles is bound to be pretty powerful. Aside from the arms and head, this is about as far from humanoid as you can get. There’s even a little alien within this alien in the form of a Bionicle Kraata, forming what I guess is a tongue in those vertical jaws.

The Outer God

So, what? It could just be your average super-powerful extra-terrestrial, right? Well, what elevates this being from a mere inhabitant of the cosmos to an all-seeing deity has to be that ring around its head. This is one of the most unusual parts uses I’ve seen – it’s the ring from a LEGO Star Wars clock! It’s so inspired, I wonder if Woomy themselves might also be more than a mere mortal…

Avian Bonsai

Sometimes a LEGO creation just looks so mesmerising you can’t help but stare at it in complete awe. This creation by WoomyWorld looks like it is from out of this world. It reminds me so strongly of magical beings from fairy tales I used to love as a kid. None of them had birds with berry covered branches as tails in them. But it sounds so amazing that it wouldn’t have been out of place. After pondering on it for a little bit longer I realise this reminds me of the creatures that live in the Moors in the Maleficent movies. All of them are vaguely familiar animals but then again with a strange twist to them. All of this leaves me with one question, how do you decide to take a beautiful creation like this back apart?

Avian Bonsai

We’re pumped to see this soap dispenser

I don’t know about you, but soap and hand sanitizer have become a huge part of my world over the last two years. Which makes this creation by Woomy World even more impressive, because I have gotten to know pump-action dispenser bottles better than I ever wanted to. And this one is barely recognizable as LEGO.

Soap Bottle

Obviously the setting for the photo helps, but the details here are immaculate. The inverted hot air balloon shape replicates the kind of decorative bottles you can find for sale in almost any big box store. And the real accomplishment here is the dispenser itself. An old Gallidor shield makes for a spot-on nozzle, and Woomy World has even engineered a near-perfect spring-action pump. Check it out in action. (To make sure you watch the gif long enough, sing “Happy Birthday” twice.)

This winter fox is one very cool character

With the approach of winter in the Pacific Northwest, I could easily imagine something like this winter fox emerging from the trees, but then I do have a pretty active imagination. When Woomy World was looking for the perfect part to use for the vixen’s ears, I could not imagine a better, more unusual part to use than the bottom jaw of a dinosaur or dragon. But that’s not the only tasty part usage. Check out the eyebrows, made from white croissants.

Boreal Vixen

The metamorphosis of a bird

In this surrealism-inspired LEGO sculpture, Woomy World achieves a dynamic and organic look through the use of clever part usages and a bright color palette. According to the builder, Technic supports were used as the skeleton for the sculpture. We see some of those beams at the base, but throughout the rest of the build, they are virtually invisible beneath the twisting tree trunk and the bird’s plumage/foliage. Instead, I’m drawn to the gradient of the leaf parts from teal to dark azure, as well as the dramatic flourish of the wings made with flex tubes, a technique used by fellow builder Joss Woodyard. And contributing to the seamless flow of the bird’s transformation, the twisting tree trunk has all of these natural grooves and textures from parts like technic connectors and a Belville saddle.

Avian Blossom

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Paying homage to the Ninjago Legacy

LEGO has come up with a series of tenth anniversary Ninjago Legacy sets and we’re all pretty thrilled, by golly. Here at The Brothers Brick we’ve done extensive review after review for these sets and it would seem Ninjago fever isn’t going away anytime soon. A builder who goes by the name of Woomy World has done a neat thing, though. They managed to pay homage to the Ninjago Legacy without flooding the build with Minifigures or spinners. This is a reimagining of the Oni and the Dragon, creatures that inhabit the first realm and play a central role in the lineage of the Green Ninja.

Oni and Dragon Sculpture

Each is quite impressive on its own. Here is the ferocious dragon sculpture with its many golden blades used as wings.

Dragon Sculpture

Followed by the fearsome Oni sculpture in black and trans-purple.

Oni Sculpture

While the identity of this builder is a mystery, they have been on our radar at least a couple of times now. With build techniques and parts usage this good, we’ll surely be on the lookout for whatever else they may do in the future.