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KFC: Kentucky Fried Choo-choo!

When I say meals on wheels, you probably picture a burger van. But Dicken Liu has other ideas! Where these crazy LEGO chicks are going, they don’t need roads – only rails. Which is probably a lot more restrictive when it comes to delivering food actually, not to mention expensive. And the maintenance costs will be astronomical. Seriously, where’s the business case here?! This is what happens when a marketing team is given unlimited access to the purse strings. They come up with mad ideas like this and need to hire builders like Liu to make it come to life.

Crazy Chick

Props to them, to be fair – he’s done a great job with such a whimsical design. Despite the bright colours of the train, the way the track is done caught my eye. Rather than using existing LEGO track elements, these rails are built using brackets and tiles, and it looks great. The cooking car even has an interior too! Although suddenly this looks a lot more sinister than it did at first glance, with chicken minifigures cooking whole chickens with tridents, feathers and all…

Crazy Chick

A thick’un of a chicken!

LEGO or not, nothing screams Easter like baby chicks and ovoid objects. Andreas Lenander smashes the two together to create an avian friend that’s an absolute unit! The sculpting of its yellow egg of a body is spot-on, deftly applying all kinds of curved slopes to emulate a tangle of feathers. Two comically small wings stick out to either side, tipped with leaf parts in orange. And I love the pop of feathers sticking out the top of the bird’s head. But most notably, I just can’t get over that derpy face that would feel right at home in the Angry Birds franchise. It’s a great use of one of my favorite parts for character creation: the white technic ball with an eye print. Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy easter...

The age old chicken or the egg discussion. Why choose?

Chickens might be my favourite animals ever. They have so much personality. You can see that quite clearly in Rickard Stensby’s latest chicken related creation. Using round 2×2 and/or 3×3 plates for the feathers is rather ingenious. I’ve been staring at this creation for a couple of days and I just can’t figure out how he managed to construct this creation. So far my guess is that there are a lot of minifigure robot/skeleton arms used to attach some of the plates to an inner structure. I also guess that some plates are just held on by friction of other actual connected plates. But I might be mistaken. Maybe you can help and take a wild guess in the comments. If you’ll excuse me now I have to convince my partner that we need some free range chickens for our garden.

The hen and the egg

Cluckery on the high seas

LEGO builder and The Brothers Brick alumn Benjamin Stenlund acquired some chickens recently. This inspired him to build The Bad Egg, a plucky pirate ship inhabited entirely by chickens. As Ben tells it, here we see Captain Cockerel and his bloodthirsty buck-buckaneers prowl the seas in search of gold. Golden corn, that is. The plume of tail feathers at the aft of the ship is a brilliant touch and the chicken masthead is also quite funny, but I like that one of the crow’s nests is an actual nest. Ben tells us he enjoys watching the real-life chickens roam the yard and do their thing, which is mostly eating and pooping. It’s about as productive as some humans get, truth be told.

The Bad Egg

It’s always great to check in on how an old friend is doing. Have a gander at our archives to see why we think Benjamin Stenlund is still the cock of the walk around here.

Sowing seeds for the season

As February rounds to an end, many of us gardeners in the northern hemisphere are looking fondly at the melting snow in our yards. Builder brickdesigned reminds us of the future fruits of our green thumbs’ labor with these Farmers Market-themed builds. These clever, quaint designs are delicate reproductions of the crates and canopies common amongst weekly markets. Each has its own distinct character with creative coloration, prints, and usefully minifigure accessories. The produce stand is full of fruits and veggies held in their own clever little bins. The angle on that canopy is deceptively simple, just like the crates.

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Honey, I shrunk the LEGO fan!

This must be LEGOception. These LEGO pieces are made of LEGO pieces. LEGO is not the only one producing LEGO pieces on a much bigger scale. Chungpo Cheng is no stranger to this concept himself. He has made quite a few creations based on a single LEGO piece. In this image the key, fish and chicken get the upscale treatment. In his photo stream you can find more of his upscale creations.

LEGO Upscale Minifigure Accessories-Fish, Chicken, and Key

So. Very. Fluffy.

I’m always delighted when a bright and colorful build comes across my path, and this latest work by Grant Davis is no exception. Inspired by the 4×4 flower element, this creation seems a lot softer than the underlying plastic construction should allow. In An Unidentified Fluffy Object (UFO), a visitor from the unknown perches atop a very Aardman-esque sheep. The fleece design is brilliant, but for me, the star of the show is that mouth. Flex tubing is used to create a very unusual shape for a LEGO creation, and clever photography gives it the perfect cartoon resolution. And, as an additional plus, that chick is just adorable.

An Unidentified Fluffy Object (UFO)

This isn’t the first build we’ve featured from Grant featuring that 4×4 flower element. Check out our archives for even more seed-part goodness!

When evolution is devolution

From what I remember of evolutionary biology, the closest living relative to the unfortunately extinct Tyrannosaurus rex is the chicken. It’s admittedly disappointing. To go from a towering beast of muscle and razor-sharp 8-inch teeth to a small, rather stupid bird (with no teeth!) is a crushing downgrade. Surely the dinosaurs are rolling in their fossil graves somewhere in disgust. What would old grandpa Rex have to say about chicks these days? Timofey Tkachev brings us that moment of encounter in LEGO form, showing the T. rex confronting its pathetic descendant about its shortcomings.

What has become of us?!... ;)

Of course, as a build, the chicken has no shortcomings; it is the best LEGO chicken I’ve ever seen, from the head, with a Bionicle claw as a comb, minifig hands holding claws for a beak, and blankly staring eyes made with 1×1 round plates with a hole wrapped in a rubber band, all the way to the tail, and all the layered feathers in between. The dinosaur is equally impressive, with plates angled every which way and left studded to create a scaly, organic texture and lots and lots of teeth (though not quite 8-inch razor-sharp ones). The part I love best about the beast is the eye, with the 2×2 round boat slider in trans-yellow gleaming at me in a most lifelike way.

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