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Bulid your own Shaun the sheep! Meh! [Instructions]

If you ever have problems sleeping, perhaps instead of counting sheep, maybe, build sheep? Well, if nothing else works, maybe you can give it a go? You can thank Tiago Catarino for providing the pieces needed and video instructions to go along and guide you into a mundane repetitive task. You may want to grab a few extra eye elements or pick some other fancy ones for variety and fun. Let us know what count you got to before dozing off. Meh! Meh!

LEGO Shaun the Sheep

Video with pieces required and step by step guide here:


Life’s a treat with Shaun the sheep

Recently we featured Palixa and the Bricks’ brilliant BrickHeadz renditions of the cast of Futurama. This time around they’ve turned their hand to the Aardman Animations’ classic Shaun the Sheep.

Shaun the Sheep

See more Shaun the Sheep characters up close