Sowing seeds for the season

As February rounds to an end, many of us gardeners in the northern hemisphere are looking fondly at the melting snow in our yards. Builder brickdesigned reminds us of the future fruits of our green thumbs’ labor with these Farmers Market-themed builds. These clever, quaint designs are delicate reproductions of the crates and canopies common amongst weekly markets. Each has its own distinct character with creative coloration, prints, and usefully minifigure accessories. The produce stand is full of fruits and veggies held in their own clever little bins. The angle on that canopy is deceptively simple, just like the crates.

The flower stand is full of blooms. You can find little buds climbing up the trellis and a tray of succulents on the tiny table.

My personal favorite of the trio is this honey, egg, and cheese stand. Maybe I just love the color palette combined with the printed little jars of honey and the “cartons” of eggs. The cheese bin may be a little close to the ground for health codes but those loose chickens for sale certainly seem like the bravest market purchase.

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  1. hntrains

    Such places are where the LEGO designers, who offer small builds or just a bunch of theme-related parts in polybags, can learn something from.

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