I think I finally get Radiohead

LEGO builders Timofey Tkachev and Sheo have put together a tragic band that somehow has nothing to do with Radiohead or Joy Division. That is a total bummer because I really wanted to lay on the references for either band pretty thick but that’ll have to wait for another post now. Instead the members of this sad band are rooted with a much more highbrow notion; each bears the name of great Greek tragedians.

Tragic Band

Timofey’s contribution to this tragic trio is a stunning land rover called “Aeschylus”.


While Sheo is responsible for the small suspended ball-shaped mech called “Euripedes”


…and also for the oddly shaped dropship that bears the name “Sophocles”.


Together they comprise a breathtaking and imaginative sci-fi scene with a cohesive style and color scheme. The end result is as complex, rich and haunting as any of the great Greek Tragedies…or anything Radiohead puts out. There’s a scene in the LEGO Movie 2 where everyone is feeling down in the dumps and are singing “Everything is Not Awesome”. Benny chimes in and delivers the inspiration to this post’s title.