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Even by Ewok standards, this village is really small

This year celebrates a very important Star Wars anniversary. One that brought the Ewoks and their home on the forest moon of Endor to everyone’s living rooms. Huh? Return of the Jedi? What’s that? No, I’m obviously talking about 10236 Ewok Village‘s tenth birthday! LEGO builder ABrickDreamer knows what I’m talking about. To celebrate, he’s recreated this legendary set in a more diminutive form. The original is pretty expensive on the aftermarket, so this is definitely a more wallet-friendly alternative. It’s a faithful recreation, even including the catapult and a very cute little speeder bike alongside the iconic treetop village. Happy birthday, 10236! If you want to keep celebrating Star Wars anniversaries, why not peruse our Return of the Jedi archives?

Microscale LEGO Ewok Village

This alien shaman has a few tips for getting ahead...

Eyrezer digs deep into the lore of Star Wars with this Joddar shaman, who hails from the Valley of the Wizard Warriors on Endor. While the shaman himself looks to be just a Killer Croc big fig in a cloak, the alien terrain he stands on perfectly calls to mind the sci-fi trends of the early 1980s, with its Dr. Seussian plants growing out of the harsh rocks. The decapitated heads on chains are probably not something that would have flown in a kid-friendly Ewok adventure back then, but I bet there are several modern days fans who don’t mind seeing Rotta lanced.

Joddar shaman

An Ewok Village redo and redemption

A LEGO builder who goes by the name of Simulterious tells us that they took apart the Ewok Village 10236 set and regretted it. Yeah, we know all about regret here at TBB, don’t we? Wait, what the hell does that mean? Anyway, they turned their regret into a redo and redemption of sorts by building a new version depicting what the set could look like today. I’m enjoying the use of shields as sort of a thatched roof design and the diversity of leaves is a welcome change from the old set. This builder also rectifies the obvious omission of the AT-ST from the original. Even though there seem to be slightly fewer Minifigures (that are visible, anyway) this would be an insta-buy for me if this were a real set. While we most certainly have our regrets, (wait, that again?) showcasing this builder’s work isn’t among them. Check out our Simulterious archives to see what I mean.

Ewok Village

Rollin’ with my crew on the forest moon of Endor

I can almost hear the high-pitched battle cries of this LEGO Ewok trio as it charges into battle! Created by Martin Harris, Wicket and friends look like they’re ready to take down any AT-ST they come across on Endor. The character design here is just grand, with loads of texture on the face and torso. I especially like the use of clips to hold on the Ewoks’ ear tiles at just the right angle. And the weapon-crafting here is adept as well, especially the axe wielded by the figure on the left. It’s perfectly-scaled and totally looks like something that would be improvised amid the forest from a bygone battle. But my favorite bit of part usage has got to the use of this complex slope on the tree trunks in the background. It’s one of those parts that I constantly try to find a use for, but it’s always too big and bulky to fit anywhere. Thank goodness Martin’s here to show me how it’s done!

The one the empire fears the most

The truth about Ewoks: Tiny terrors that we need to be afraid of

Ewoks have been misunderstood big time! Sure they’re cute and cuddly, but did anyone stop to consider how they nearly roasted Han, Luke, and Chewbacca for a scrumptious meal? Chi Hsin Wei captures three buddies debating where their next dinner might be coming from. Those beady black eyes are quite appropriate with the modified black lever elements and the minifigure scale of C-3PO fits perfectly as a plush toy.

Ewoks Family

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