Rollin’ with my crew on the forest moon of Endor

I can almost hear the high-pitched battle cries of this LEGO Ewok trio as it charges into battle! Created by Martin Harris, Wicket and friends look like they’re ready to take down any AT-ST they come across on Endor. The character design here is just grand, with loads of texture on the face and torso. I especially like the use of clips to hold on the Ewoks’ ear tiles at just the right angle. And the weapon-crafting here is adept as well, especially the axe wielded by the figure on the left. It’s perfectly-scaled and totally looks like something that would be improvised amid the forest from a bygone battle. But my favorite bit of part usage has got to the use of this complex slope on the tree trunks in the background. It’s one of those parts that I constantly try to find a use for, but it’s always too big and bulky to fit anywhere. Thank goodness Martin’s here to show me how it’s done!

The one the empire fears the most