The magic of Willow can be yours

If you missed the epic Lucas/Howard film in 1988 as I did, then you can redeem yourself in a couple of different ways. You may catch the new series streaming on Disney Plus starting today. Apparently, Warwick Davis will be reprising his titular role as the diminutive Willow Ufgood. Secondly, you may gaze upon this amazing LEGO playset built by Tobias Roloff. I can’t name these characters nor recall the scenes depicted here but, despite missing out on the cinematic action long ago, I know a fun playset when I see one. I mean, just look at those great textures and plant life and suspended bridges! You, on the other hand, may be better versed in the action sequences depicted here and you may be losing your collective cookies at the total awesomeness illustrated here.

Willow Action3 - Logo

Thirdly, (Did I mention there was a third option?) Tobias isn’t shy about notifying you that you can vote for this on LEGO Ideas to make this Willow playset a reality. If seeing this as a real set and getting it into your hot little hands is a thrill to you, then be sure to check out his Flickr stream where he conveniently provides the link for you to support this idea.

Willow Action2