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Massive LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens scene depicts Rey in crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku

A three-week collaborative effort between Eli Willsea and Grant Davis resulted in a beautifully atmospheric LEGO diorama depicting Rey scavenging a derelict Star Destroyer from Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. The build itself is incredible, showcasing both builders’ talents in creating battle damage, believable layers of sand coverage, greebling, partially buried TIE fighters and Lambda shuttles, and behind it all the stark Imperial architecture. The lighting in the scene is practical, making use of bright lamps and a smoke machine to complete the aesthetic.

Scavenging The Destroyer

Grant has also shared a behind-the-scenes video showing a time-lapse of the diorama’s construction. The video shows just how much structure is necessary to support the large interior scene that makes Rey look so small. The builder walking back and forth adding bricks also proves just how huge the diorama is!

If you enjoyed Eli and Grant’s scene, you might also like the crashed Star Destroyer scene by KevFett2011.

LEGO Teedo and Luggabeast from The Force Awakens

Though they got little screen time, the pair that tried to capture BB-8 in a net near the beginning of The Force Awakens has been faithfully recreated by teohongtzer. Teedo is given a name drop by Rey (for he’s no respect for anyone), his steed is not. If you dig a bit you’ll find out it’s called a “Luggabeast” and they are cyborg creatures used to find droids and salvage on Jakku.


I’m hopelessly in love with this build. Partly because I’m a Star Wars nerd, partly because I’m a Warhammer nerd and this looks like a Juggernaut, and mostly because it’s just done so well.