The T-70 X-wing of Poe Dameron’s dreams

There is always one LEGO creation where it’s “love at first sight.” You never expect that build to leave you breathless, but when it does, it does. This UCS-scale T-70 X-wing by Jared Reisweber is the one that stole my heart. Instantly recognisable from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this massive model is the most accurate representation of Poe Dameron’s starfighter that I’ve seen so far. It helps that this build is larger than it appears, capturing even the tiniest, most intricate details, and replicating the complex shapes and curves, which even the best of builders struggle to get accurate. Sometimes all it takes to build the perfect X-wing is to go big or go home.

T-70 X-Wing 1

This fighter, and its predecessor from the original Star Wars – the T-65 – are not easy ships to build from LEGO. Despite most of it being angled rather than rounded and curved, the entire fuselage is something that even the best builders struggle with in minifig-scale. It’s these intricacies of the X-wing that challenges many builders to tackle their own versions, and Jared had the right idea by building it bigger.

T-70 X-Wing 6

He just nails the nose – probably the most difficult section from a builder’s point of view. The large wedges are the perfect parts to convey the angled side of the pointy nose. But my favourite part has got to be the brick-built cockpit canopy, which looks sleek at this scale and is more accurate than any glass windscreen part LEGO offers.

T-70 X-Wing 2

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