Force Awakens ultimate fan builds large-scale vehicles with LEGO

It’s hard to believe how quickly Star Wars: The Force Awakens has taken the world by storm and become ingrained in the public consciousness. Popsicle speeders, orange and black X-Wings, that one desert beast-thing… All of these new (yet old-looking) vehicles are now instantly recognizable and excitement-inducing. Relatively new to the online LEGO community, builder Robert Lundmark has already made his mark with recreations of classic Star Wars ships — but he has now dived into the new series with multiple Force Awakens builds: Rey’s speeder, Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, and Teedo’s Luggabeast.

Rey's Speeder by Robert Lundmark

These truly massive builds that Robert has constructed allow for great detail and accuracy to be portrayed in each creation. Rey’s speeder for instance features all the rust and collected materials displayed in the film, while the build itself utilizes great pieces such as the Millennium Falcon’s windscreen.

Rey's Speeder (back) by Robert Lundmark

Poe Dameron’s uniquely colored X-Wing is another stunning model Robert has constructed, which is one of the most memorable vehicles from the film. As if an X-Wing was forgettable!

Poe Dameron's X-Wing by Robert Lundmark

The Brothers Brick asked Robert to describe his design process:

“Building Star Wars models all comes down to getting the angles right, and the proportions. I really want to get them right because that´s something I think official LEGO sets often have to compromise on. I can spend a lot of time getting the cockpit or the nose of the X-wing just right, for example. When I do, the rest of the build just sort of evolves from there. Another thing I´ve become interested in is combining all the lovely new colours the LEGO company is giving us these days in interesting ways, like on the Luggabeast model. It can be quite striking when you get it right.”

Poe Dameron's X-Wing (close) by Robert Lundmark

Like the two previous builds, Teedo’s Luggabeast stands out because of its use of color. Utilizing shades of brown, orange and blue, Robert has sold the rustic look while also keeping all the details easy to see — like poor BB-8 trapped in Teedo’s net!

Teedo's Luggabeast by Robert Lundmark

Teedo's Luggabeast (back) by Robert Lundmark