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I'm all the way down in a little country called South Africa. There's no lions roaming the streets, unfortunately, but there is everyone's favourite plastic brick.   I don't have a lot of my own work online (yet), but I've been following The Brother Brick for around eight years, so it's bizarre that I'm going to be writing for it.   My day job is journalism covering the maker movement for htxt.africa. And yes, I do occasionally sneak stories of Lego onto the site.   Follow my ramblings, LEGO and otherwise: Twitter: @Clint_Matos | Instagram: @clinton_matos

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Deadpool and Cable break the fourth wall into the realm of BrickHeadz

Amazing fan-made BrickHeadz keep popping up, covering every conceivable screen franchise. And now Adam Dodge adds the comic pair of Deadpool and Cable to the fray. While both of these are great, the Cable is outstanding. Aside from the clever parts usage on the shoulder pads, the use of official printed pieces is a masterstroke; that’s a pair of printed piston pieces which form a belt and the use of the X-Men “X” symbol from one of the Mighty Micro sets.

Brickheadz - Deadpool and Cable

Iron Man and War Machine are looking a bit blocky

Builder nobu_tary delves deeply into the blocky nature of LEGO bricks with this pair of Stark hardsuits. This building style is very distinctive and I love the exaggerated effect. There’s a ton of small details to look for such as the shades of old grey vs new grey pieces in War Machine, the use of an official Iron Man print, and a very clever slit technique for the “eyes”. All topped off with that signature mecha pose; let’s puff out those chests, boys!


From a convent in Brazil to LEGO on your screen

Microscale builds are great for fantasy castles and sprawling sci-fi cities done on the cheap, but it’s also a great tool for recreating real buildings with a reasonably small number of pieces. Brazilian builder Gilcelio chagas has done that with the Penha Convent, which is located in the Vila Velha region of Brazil. Compare the build to pictures of the site and you’ll see the effort that has gone into making this look authentic at such a small scale. Make sure you also spot the clever used of an army helmet as the top of rounded tree and an alternate view that offers a better look at the build of the mountain that the convent sits on.

Convento da Penha

This dragon’s going to grow up to steal all your gold

Can someone hurry up and hire prolific LEGO builder Djokson to do the character design for their movie or videogame already? This small model manages to pack in a huge amount of personality with a neat head build and a body whose colours perfectly match the single-piece wings from the old Vikings set 7017. Look carefully and you’ll see the whole build is carefully balanced, teetering on its tail to give the illusion of flight.

Flight of the Frumblegogg

RoboCop vs Terminator: Who’s the better BrickHead?

Fans continue to create their own versions of BrickHeadz for the community to enjoy, and tankm brings us RoboCop and the Terminator (who have shared a crossover comic book series, for those who didn’t know). RoboCop wins my vote — I prefer his overall design. But the Terminator is packed with nice details such as the subtle sloping around the nose area, great greebling in the head, and smart use of hinge pieces for the “teeth”.


Celebrate the new Ragnarok trailer with a classic Thor Brickhead

Love or hate Brickheadz, seeing the community create their own versions of characters has been a treat (see our recent roundup of some recent good ones). And now builder tommilorenzo has given the blocky treatment to Thor. Although, this is the more classical version of Thor, and not the more recent Marvel incarnation you’ve seen in the newest Ragnarok trailer.

Brick Headz: Classic Thor

This LEGO Zoid is much bigger than it seems

While LEGO builds based on Zoids have been done in the past, it’s still awesome to see them, especially at a large scale. This Blade Liger by d’ Qiu Brick is deceptively presented in these pictures, as it’s much bigger than the first time you glance at it. Focus on the rather large orange windscreen in the middle of the head to get a sense of scale. Yeah, this thing is huge.

Blade Liger

Individual parts usage doesn’t suffer at this huge scale, with simple but effective building going on everywhere. The segmented areas on the legs and head are really pleasing to look at, and the large blocky proportions give it that robotic feel to mix in with the clearly animal form. Make sure you spend some time on the builder’s photostream for more angles of this build.

Blade Liger

This tiny version of Cinderella’s Castle uses 3000 pieces

While an impressive set, 71040 The Disney Castle disappointed builder Swan Dutchman in the fact that it was only a facade and did not encompass the rest of the castle “in the round”. To fix this, Swan built his own microscale version, if we can call it that, because the finished build is actually rather large. It’s built on top of a 48 x 48 baseplate and contains around 3000 small pieces.

Cinderella Castle

Big numbers aside (and not even mentioning that it took three months to create) this is a brilliant build that is instantly recognisable. There’s a lot of clever techniques, such as gears used in the turrets for stone detail and the use of two different kinds of 2 x 2 round bricks. Make sure you take a few minutes to soak up not only the castle, but the builds around it in the body of water, brick road, and vegetation.

Cinderella Castle

Well aren’t you handsome?

Brick Brickolson has created a beautiful monstrosity in “Captain Bashface”, a mutant Mr. Potato Head pirate look-alike. The asymetry in this build is superb, with no two limbs matching with the main body itself being lopsided. While all the eyes, tentacles, and robot arms are great, my favourite part is that simple but effective belt buckle and the belt build itself. It draws the eye to that wonderful, grotesque mouth.

Captain Bashface

Bricks rain from above!

Strider0630 has created a fantastic LEGO model of Overwatch’s Pharah, photographing her twice: using her ultimate weapon, and but also this little scene of her using her ultimate. Parts of the armor open up to release missiles; the clever use of transparent elements and smoke make this a perfect display piece that we’re sure many fans would pay to have on their desks.

Justice rains from above!

I will protect the innocent.

Not so soft now, am I?

Simon Liu has not only created an awesome mech that reminds me of ED-209 from Robocop in the best way, but it’s piloted by the cutest creature that has ever been strapped to a robot. The Commander Carrots Exosuit is operated by a DUPLO Rabbit plushie. This adorable ball of trouble even comes kitted out with matching red armor.

Commander Carrots' Exosuit

Looking past the hilarity of it all, this is an extremely solid build with a lot of great detailing. The liberal use of the Technic gear rack gives a lot of nice texture to the legs, and the little cage/cockpit area is simple but effective. Make sure you also check out this shot of the back of the build, which is full of even more detail. This build is a lot bigger than it seems, with plenty of greebles packed in. Oh – the rabbit has a jetpack too!

Commander Carrots' Exosuit

Going stair crazy

Karf Oohlu has produced an absolutely wonderful little scene, which could easily be a piece of art. This microscale diorama of grey stairs reminds me a lot of Hera’s Garden in God of War 3. It’s a rather simple build with the 1×1 plates with two studs serving as the basis for the stairs, and some nice touches such as the Exo-Force hair pieces for the tree.

Going Stair Crazy