The LEGO Throwbots get an upgrade as intricate fan builds

Before there was Bionicle, there were the Throwbots, or Slizers, as they were marketed in some parts of the world. While not as popular as their successors from Metru Nui, the theme introduced many elements that would later find use in Bionicle. Many people still remember them fondly, and now a few of those nostalgic fans have teamed up to give them a modern facelift.

We highlighted Turbo a few days ago, but now eight of the original sets have been taken on by as many builders (with four more slated to come soon), and each of them brings their own style to the table, as well as their ideas for what the original could have been. Some stray wildly from the source material, and others are more faithful.

8523: Blaster by Djokson

Megaton Slizer: Blaster

8501: Ski by Kevin Huxtable

Ice Slizer: Ski

8502: Turbo by Anthony Wilson

City Slizer: Turbo

8505: Amazon by Mitch

Jungle Slizer: Amazon

8506: Granite by Cameron

Mining Slizer: GRANITE

8507: Electro by -Disty-

Drone Slizer: Electro

8520: Millennium Slizer by Red

Justice Slizer: Millenia

8521: Flare by Prince Galidor

Wyvern Slizer: Flare

2 comments on “The LEGO Throwbots get an upgrade as intricate fan builds

  1. Luke Nutkins

    These are amazing, and a trip down memory lane! Only recently I’d been trying to remember what Bionicle I had that rode a motorcycle…clearly I was thinking of the Millennium Slizer!

    If memory serves, I also had Jet, Turbo, Sub and Amazon.

  2. Håkan

    Hard to update Electro if you’d like to follow that old discontinued light purple color scheme…

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