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The LEGO Throwbots get an upgrade as intricate fan builds

Before there was Bionicle, there were the Throwbots, or Slizers, as they were marketed in some parts of the world. While not as popular as their successors from Metru Nui, the theme introduced many elements that would later find use in Bionicle. Many people still remember them fondly, and now a few of those nostalgic fans have teamed up to give them a modern facelift.

We highlighted Turbo a few days ago, but now eight of the original sets have been taken on by as many builders (with four more slated to come soon), and each of them brings their own style to the table, as well as their ideas for what the original could have been. Some stray wildly from the source material, and others are more faithful.

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City Slizer: A Throwbots Throwback

Let Anthony Wilson guide you on a trip back to the late ’90s with an inspiring take on the City Slizer (also known in North America as Turbo Throwbot). Turbo was my favorite in this brief precursor series to Bionicle, and to see a beautifully stylish upgrade makes me nostalgic. It’s the retrowave presentation, however, that completes Anthony’s radical remake.

City Slizer: Turbo

The addition of magenta accents and silver detailing is a bold choice for a remake. The risk pays off, as the model has the feel of the original set while emphasizing Anthony’s unique building style.

Turbo (alt views)