Hulkbuster mod that does it right!

Before you mistake this for 76105 Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition, it’s not! It’s a modified version of it by the famous Singaporean Mecha builder Kelvin Low, who’s better known in the fan-builder circles as Chubbybots. Hardcore Mecha fans like Kelvin will never be satisfied with stock builds which sometimes may have limitations because of the way parts are used. The only right thing to do is fix it! I think with the mods he’s made, it turned out well much better than what LEGO did!

Ucs Hulkbuster Mod 03

We had a quick chat with Kelvin about the changes he’s made for this outstanding mod. First things first, any Mech looking build has got to have articulation, else it’s just a statue. Kelvin got inspiration from his earlier modification of the Ninjago Fire Mech (70615) to give the bottom half a bit more articulation. In its original design, the Hulkbuster UE simply does not have any form articulation at its lower limbs.

Ucs Hulkbuster Mod 01

While still using 90% of the original Hulkbuster UE another change was to add height to the shoulders and also resolving the eyesore of the two blue technic pins sticking out like a sore thumb.

He’s added greebling to the neck area and raised the chest thickness by 2 plates to give it a better bulk effect. The forearm pads have been increased.

Ucs Hulkbuster Mod 05

Kelvin says his general inspiration and reference has been the Hot Toys version, a company that always ensures quality with very accurate models of characters they release.

There are still lots of changes, but Kelvin says, I’m going to leave it up to the viewer to discover them!

And if you’re wondering if you could get this build, Kelvin has some instructions on the changes he made here in the video:

4 comments on “Hulkbuster mod that does it right!

  1. KOSTECKI Frederic

    James Blair, In his comments, he says that “as usual no part list no instructions”… I really would like to have it too but I guess the only way is to watch his vid again and again and maybe pause to list the used parts to MOD…

  2. legodad42

    Saw Chubby brick’s video. Just a great Mod to the Hulkbuster.
    For the extra pieces, on the video just pause. It’s not a lone video and it’s real easy the way he shows each part. The most important thing to get are the leg joints from NinjaGo’s Water Strider.

  3. ezzzzz53

    Now the hunt begins to find the parts. this is so awesome, Lego shud pay this guy and give everone the parts for free. right, like that wud happen!

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