Classic LEGO Star Wars battle droids are making a big comeback

Ever since LEGO created a larger brick build of a minfigure in 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle, I’ve been waiting for the community to do more with the idea. Chungpo Cheng has finally answered my wishes not once but twice with this pair of Star Wars droids. Yes, if you scrolled too fast or didn’t look closely enough, these aren’t just the two official “minifigures” from LEGO, they’re larger builds that expertly copy the proportions of their source material.

Battle Droid & Super Battle Droid

While the super battle droid is impressive with its layering and texture, the regular battle droid is my favourite here. The solid tan goes a long way toward tricking you into thinking it’s the smaller version, and that hinge on the nose is a perfect use to get some curvature into the head. The classic megaphone/blaster is also really clever. Both droids can also copy the limited movement to go into a more aggressive stance.

Battle Droid & Super Battle Droid

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  1. michaellynchart

    Yeah, I wish they would do big figs like the Ant-Man instead of BrickHeadz or Constraction (which are done anyway). I think they would sell really well and they actually LOOK like Lego figures rather than what they are doing now.

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