Great little space to hang around

Here’s a tiny slice of futuristic LEGO from Blake Foster — a cool spaceship in an equally-smart hangar. The ship itself is a masterpiece of microscale building, boasting an impressive depth of texture for such a small creation. Blake has made the most of the details moulded into the chainsaw handle element which makes up the core of the craft, but it’s the chunky droid arms used to create the thruster fins which give the ship its distinctive shape and character. Set the craft in a neat little hangar (featuring binocular parts used to create pillars) and couple with some excellent macro photography, and you’ve got a great piece of LEGO microscale.

Ugly Ducking: Hangar Bay

3 comments on “Great little space to hang around

  1. Went There

    Given how many people use mini fig hands for something else, I almost feel like they should really make an (official?) piece that’s similar.

  2. Elspeth De Montes

    @ Went There – they are an official part Design ID 3820. Definitely officially used as long as they connect okay!

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