Winter 2017 LEGO Star Wars sets finally available in the US [News]

As if to punish its largest market, LEGO held back the American release of the first wave of 2017 LEGO Star Wars sets in January, even though they were available nearly everywhere else in the world on January 1st. Fans of LEGO Star Wars in the United States can now pick up the latest sets, including great new sets from Rogue One and Rebels.

75172 Y-Wing Starfighter features a Blue Squadron Y-Wing Pilot, Admiral Raddus, the bounty hunter Moroff, an astromech droid, and a stormtrooper. The set includes 691 pieces and retails for $59.99. The set is already backordered from the LEGO Shop online, but is available now from Amazon.

LEGO Star Wars 75172 Y-Wing Starfighter set

75171 Battle on Scarif includes Jyn Erso disguised as an Imperial ground crew member, Cassian Andor, and two shore troopers. The set includes 419 pieces and retails for $49.99.

LEGO Star Wars 75171 Battle on Scarif set

75170 The Phantom [II] includes the re-canonized Grand Admiral Thrawn, Kanan Jarrus, and Chopper the droid, with 269 pieces for $29.99. Like its predecessor, the Phantom II can fit on the back of the now-retired 75053 The Ghost.

LEGO Star Wars 75170 The Phantom set

75174 Desert Skiff Escape includes a redesigned Bantha-II cargo skiff and Sarlacc pit, with updated Han, Chewie, Boba Fett, and skiff guard minifigs. The set is available now at $29.99 from the LEGO Shop, but only available from third-party sellers at twice the cost on Amazon.

More Battle Packs, Micro-Fighters, buildable figures, and other new LEGO Star Wars sets are (finally) available from both and the LEGO Shop online.

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4 comments on “Winter 2017 LEGO Star Wars sets finally available in the US [News]

  1. Sarah Vorhauer

    Love you all so much for posting that these sets were out now! Just ordered The Thrawn mini figure set, I mean, The Phantom set, and I used the link to at the side bar here so I hope you all get a little extra money for it!

  2. David

    They weren’t there yet?
    How come?

    I got the Phantom II on the first week of January (saving the other I want to get for the May the 4th promo).
    That would explain why Lando Calrissian is still so rare and expensive on BrickLink… (maybe now it’ll be cheaper).

  3. David

    Also, is the US really the biggest market for Lego? More than Europe?
    Well, I guess it makes sense, they’re so much cheaper in the US.

    Also, sure the new Star Wars sets weren’t there yet, but note that here in Japan, we don’t have the Batman Lego Movie sets yet (just the CMF). They should get here in two weeks.

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