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There’s some tasty parts at work in this cute culinary scene

Years of LEGO trophy construction has left me with quite the hunger for builds with big detail and small square footage. And this doozy by EMazingbrix is a meal unto itself! Specifically utilizing the 1×1 plate with three leaves piece, this design puts it to work as a drumstick, a pile of cheese, and some drawer handles. But there’s a lot more great parts usage here besides that! Check out the super simple solution for salt and pepper shakers in the upper left corner. And I bet you can’t handle this handle made from the hammer on this wheel of tools.

The Kitchen

But the real design win here (and the reason I knew immediately I was going to write about this build) is the LEGO black magic EMazingbrix uses to get the leafy drawer handles to stick in place. Passing the leaves through a groove in the 1×2 grille tile requires that the grille isn’t attached to any studs from behind. As there’s no other standard way to affix the part to the rest of the build, a 1×1 clip is employed behind the scenes. It holds the grille to the tile next to it while not interfering in the rest of the design. As evidence, you can see one finger of each clip through the grille parts. Truly spectacular!

Flexigon cat and mouse games

I tend to love LEGO creations that have a lot of different little parts used to create the most intricate details. This creation by Michael Kanemoto does not fit that brief at all. If my count is correct, they feature no more than 20 different pieces. Most of these pieces were only used several times.

Flexigon Cat and Mouse

Michael uses two of these pieces in abundance — the leaves and carrot tops. These two hero ingredients get used to create the main body of the cat and the mouse. The leaves do a wonderful job mimicking the texture of fur on both animals. Although the cat is truly amazing, the mouse is what really gets me going. It is so cute, so small and yet so detailed. I wouldn’t mind having this one on display for a really long time. Just look at those whiskers and those cute beady eyes!

Flexigon Mouse