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Flexigon cat and mouse games

I tend to love LEGO creations that have a lot of different little parts used to create the most intricate details. This creation by Michael Kanemoto does not fit that brief at all. If my count is correct, they feature no more than 20 different pieces. Most of these pieces were only used several times.

Flexigon Cat and Mouse

Michael uses two of these pieces in abundance — the leaves and carrot tops. These two hero ingredients get used to create the main body of the cat and the mouse. The leaves do a wonderful job mimicking the texture of fur on both animals. Although the cat is truly amazing, the mouse is what really gets me going. It is so cute, so small and yet so detailed. I wouldn’t mind having this one on display for a really long time. Just look at those whiskers and those cute beady eyes!

Flexigon Mouse

Vintage LEGO radio is a big blast from the past!

LEGO nowadays has a lot of specialised parts. This wasn’t the case when I was a little kid. There weren’t many handheld accessories and most of them were multifunctional. The megaphone was a megaphone, but also a gun, hair dryer, beer tap, ice cream tap and so on. Same goes for the radio which also functioned as a walkie-talkie, a phone, a mobile control device and so on. The last one of these two was the inspiration for Liu Di Kai’s latest creation. It has two sides, one is true to the source material. The other shows that it is a window to a space lover’s imagination. You should really check out both in their photostream.


Double tensegrity means double the balance

Spring and fall. Life and death – and the cycle of rebirth. Always and forever Mother Nature will maintain a balance. This subtle yet beautiful LEGO tensegrity sculpture by TBB alum Nannan Zhang is a metaphor for that truth. Most of the sculptures we see have a single 2-chain/string feature. This one employs another chain to give it two distinct sides, like a scale. While it’s done very well here, you can also imagine a plethora of other possibilities for the technique. It’s probably unintentional, but knowing this accentuates the metaphor even more. Give that one a good think!


These builds were a huge hit this past year amongst builders. Take a moment to look back on all of the tensegrity creations we’ve featured, include one that is 3-tiered! Also, while you’re at it, you can check out Nannan’s other models.