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May the SNOT connections be ever in your favor

This build by Ian (aka bricktacular_builds) caught my eye not because of the mockingjay pin but because of the brick-built LEGO flower that is oddly out of focus. I mean, why would you share a poor image of your creation? And who would put a metal pin by a LEGO build, right? And then I took a closer look…

You see, SNOT is a specific way of connecting LEGO pieces. It stands for “studs not on top” and features all kids of sideway connections. And this is exactly what is happening here. The intricate structure of the pin became possible only thanks to a very neat choice of plates and bars with clips. Wing elements fit this ornament wonderfully, making the bird instantly recognizable. I mean, it’s way too similar to a real piece of the Hunger Games merch!

LEGO Creation of the Week (#19): What did the egg do when it saw the frying pan? It scrambled by Bricktacular Builds

Every week readers of the The Brothers Brick Telegram channel choose the Creation of the Week: one project that impressed all of us the most. Who knew that an ordinary egg could crush six stunning builds? Turns out, a genious LEGO design by Bricktacular Builds is exactly what our readers love!

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Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?

It can be quite challenging to take a real-world object and craft it out of LEGO. But that challenge becomes ever greater when said object is more natural than some clean, manufactured lines. For instance, check out the egg whites in this delicious construction by Bricktacular Builds. It employs quite the clever concoction of drippy clear bits to make this cracked pre-bird look perfect mid-fry-up. Contrast that goopy, eggy ooze with the sleek look of the hot plate underneath it, and this build is quite the super-realistic feast for the eyes! Don’t miss the subtle touches like the red hot plate logo and power cord in the background.

What’s in Hank Pym’s pockets?

Everyone has their favorite LEGO keychain. Maybe it’s the Beskar slab GWP from May 2022, or a classic 2×4 brick in your favorite color. Personally, I’m rocking Spider-Ham on the keys to my LEGO studio. And builder Bricktacular Builds gives us a brick-built version of Hank Pym’s infamous tank keychain, along with a couple of Pym Particle Discs, all built to a 1:1 scale. While the whole setup is downright adorable, my favorite bit has got to be the use of this 2×2 socket to hold the tank’s cannon. It’s the perfect piece in the perfect color and at the perfect scale to anchor the build in microscale-reality.