A good egg from the get-go: a LEGO Fabergé egg

Jeweled eggs were meticulously detailed Easter eggs commissioned by nobility in the late 19th and early 20th century. The eggs are wholly artificial, made of materials such as gold and ceramic, and often opened to reveal layers of smaller intricate details, similar to Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls. Fabergé eggs are the most famous of these jeweled eggs, being crafted by Peter Carl Fabergé for the last Czars of Russia, and are today worth millions. In 2014, a junk dealer in the USA was doing research on a trinket he planned to scrap for its metal content, and discovered he was in possession of a lost Fabergé egg valued at $33 million.

Builder Koen’s jeweled egg may be made of humbler materials, but it is like its namesakes in being a fantastic display of craftsmanship. Koen created it as a wedding gift for his bother, and so it opens to reveal a LEGO bridge and groom.