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Build an Among Us character in LEGO and customise them to your fancy [Instructions]

Kosmas Santosa or better known as Kos Brick is back from a hiatus from the LEGO custom building scene. One of his new favourites of ours is showcasing tiny builds with instructions to go along. Among Us is one that is adorable and isn’t overly complex to build with the right parts in your LEGO arsenal.

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The month is March and Easter is among us

I haven’t actually played the popular game Among Us, but the little people in colorful spacesuits featured in the game sure are iconic. While those guys may not be the inspiration behind this lovely Astro-bunny LEGO build by Joffre Zheng, it certainly looks like a cute mashup to my little eye.

Astro Rabbit

This silly rabbit’s carrot-colored spacesuit is crafted out of orange bricks, slopes, tiles, cones, and cylinder pieces in various sizes. A trans-clear hinged half dome serves as the visor of the helmet, which protects the furry little critter from the space elements. Small light grey pieces such as cheese slopes, round-bottomed 2x2s, tiles, and bricks make up the face, whose eyes are rendered with the signature 1×1 round tiles featured in BrickHeadz sets. This bunny sure is ready for Easter and beyond!

There is one imposter among us...

Just a few months ago, I caught on the trend and started playing Among Us. The game has been everywhere— from memes, politics, and more recently, in LEGO. Here Vincent Kiew has recreated The Skeld‘s security room. Vincent uses two triple curved wedge pieces uses to shape each player’s rounded suits and a nice teal for the floor. The hats on each player are also a fantastic addition; there’s a minifig toilet plunger, brick-built nest and one of my go-to’s, the toilet paper roll. This diorama is adorable to see outside of the game—but I will say, three people in security seems kinda sus.

Among Us.

From animals to pop culture, Vincent has created a vast range of models, some of which you can check out here. A few of my personal favorites are his building studies of Malaysian architecture, like his model of Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown and a heritage house with a complete interior.