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What happens when a Kaiju joins the human side?

The answer to the question posed in the title is demonstrated in this fascinating creation, built by Ryan Z. The model has an elongated form and is adapted for human use by having a carrier section on its back. The face has an interesting design with two large angled slopes placed together sideways with a green snowboard representing the tongue of the creature. The carrier section features a control tower overlooking a short runway where fighters can launch from. It could be quite the bumpy ride for those in the tower section, especially if this beast moves in a lizard like motion.

HMAS Lacerta Navis

A strange new horror emerges

A huge looming shadow envelopes a city as squirming tentacles rise from the earth, while a floating monstrosity transforms all in its wake into a dark and twisted land. Or at least that’s what we can assume is happening in this awesome build created by Ivan Martynov. The main model features an odd humanoid body surrounded by a variety of cable and tube parts. One of the protruding lower sections of the creature is actually a sled piece from the Life on Mars sets. Several of the structures on the ground are cleverly made up of old Znap pieces with hints of colour wedged in between. It also seems this new overlord will always be watching with its many gleaming red eyes.

Progeny of Atum

Behold! An excellent LEGO D&D monster!

Other than its titular dragons, there isn’t a more iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster than the terrifying Beholder. And this version by Tim and Dannii from LEGO Masters Australia is a critical hit! The shaping and coloration are fantastic, and I love the bit of drool dripping out of that hideous mouth. All those teeth make for a menacing countenance the causes my level 10 warforged wizard to quake with fear. I also particularly like the ruins in the background. It shows some elegantly simple work with brown bars, and it sets a great scene without stealing the show.


Looking like an extra from a reboot of AAAHH!!! Real Monsters, the Skulkhound isn’t something you’d want to find rummaging through your rubbish. Builder Djokson is quite a practiced character artist with a great eye for design and parts usage. This creepy little doggo is a perfect example of both. The sharp, spindly legs provide just enough support for the arching, unnaturally thin spine of this Chupacabra-esque cutie. Clever color-blocking with DOTs bracelets of different thickness give the beast a cartoonish coat that almost distracts from its jagged smile.

The Skulkhound

It may have a face only its creator could love but look at it a little longer. You know it’s cute, just in a “good boy, don’t eat my soul, here’s your graveyard kibble” kind of way. If creepy isn’t your thing, I wouldn’t recommend checking out too many of Djokson’s other creatures. Some are much less cuddly than others but they’re all full of life.

A place to escape from those pesky humans

I remember being super excited when Hotel Transylvania was announced in 2011. Not only due to its quirky theme or creepy characters. Director Genndy Tartakovsky announced that its potential success could also revive his old series, Samurai Jack. Well, Jack came back. Three movies and an animated series later, it’s clear this story was a big hit. Just in time for this Halloween, Mehdi Rustamov built a dollhouse-style playset inspired by this spooky series. This cute and creepy set is brimming with characters and features the main entrance hall, Dracula and Mavi’s rooms, and Quasimodo’s kitchen. Please don’t bother the vacationing creatures as we take a look around, all right?

Click here for a full tour…

A creature double-feature!

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this; someone build two similar scale, similar quality classic movie monsters in a row so that I can use this title and opening theme music to evoke a sense of nostalgia for childhood monster movies. Brilliant, right? The team over at Build Better Bricks have answered all my monstrous wishes with this electrifying Frankenstein Monster and savage Werewolf and finally my mad scheme has come to fruition. (Muah-hah-hah!) The fact that it happened right before Halloween is just icing on the delicious ghoulish cake.

Frankenstein Monster


Now that this plan has been fulfilled it seems much less diabolical than I had initially imagined. I suppose I would make a terrible Bond villain then. But still, didn’t it get you in the mood to watch two campy monster classics in a row? It did for me.

The Kraken is loose! Oh ship, we’re in trouble now!

I have a particular fear of what I cannot see, especially in the vast and open murky waters of the deep ocean. Who knows what monsters lurk below? Jason Mario builds an unconventional steampunked Kraken in the middle of a rough open sea. The ripple and foam effects give the scene more life and grandeur of disastrous event about to take place.


Series 14 Monster Collectible Minifigures are almost here [News]

LEGO has finally released nice, high resolution images of the newest line of the highly-popular Collectible Minifigures, due out in September. They’re technically Series 14, though the LEGO Movie and Simpsons series were unnumbered, making this actually the 17th wave (not counting the rare Olympic series). This time around, the whole line is monster themed, with characters ranging from ghoulish to naughty, and should be widely available just in time for lots of great Halloween creations this year.

Zombie Pirate

Zombie Pirate

“Yo ho ho and a barrel o’ brains!”
The Zombie Pirate was getting sick and tired of seeing all of these young whippersnapper pirates mess things up, so he’s come back to show them how things used to be done back in the good old days. Not surprisingly for a several-hundred-year-old sea dog, he’s kind of old-fashioned. He still prefers to strand his prisoners on deserted islands instead of making them walk the plank, and he only plunders gold, not fancy-pants modern treasures like silks and spices.
As a zombie, he isn’t particularly big on personal hygiene. His hook is rusty, his captain’s coat is falling apart, and his wooden leg has a bad case of termites. No one is entirely sure whether he has a beard, or just a particularly impressive collection of moss and lichens on his chin. In good news, he doesn’t smell much worse than the average pirate, and if he falls in the water, he’s more likely to bite the sharks than the other way around!

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