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This incredible 50,000-piece LEGO Halloween house is where all the cool monsters party

I hear there’s a monster party tonight at 13 Dead End Drive. That’s the address of this massive old Victorian haunt created by Ty Keltner over the course of nine months. It features a large mansion with surrounding grounds populated by hundreds of your favorite Halloween monsters. Sitting on a whopping 24 large gray baseplates, the model’s footprint is 7 ½ feet by 5 feet – that is just shy of 40 square feet of Lego, with somewhere between 50 and 100 thousand bricks, definitely making this the biggest LEGO Halloween party we’re invited to this year!

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We abhor the abysmal Abyssal Abhorrence

Once again Fedde Barendrecht presents a LEGO creation so upsetting we don’t know whether to throw up or run. Maybe a little of both. Live a little, right? This time we have the Abyssal Abhorrence; a creature so vile that living a little would likely be all we’d have time for if we ever encountered this beast for real. Actually, it closely resembles a real-life jellyfish or a giant squid; two reasons why I generally avoid any body of water deeper than a bathtub. For not the first time Fedde’s creations evoke an imagination worthy of H.P. Lovecraft. At least he’s interesting, right? If he was boring he’d instead likely evoke the spirit of writer Walter Scott.

The Abyssal Abhorrence

Rodan rounds out the kaiju ruckus!

If you’ve been paying attention recently you may have seen sightings of King Ghadorah, Mothra and the King of Monsters, Godzilla. Now VelociJACKtor’s Rodan rounds out the big LEGO kaiju battle in all his fiery-red glory. There’s something just so pleasing about a group of friends building amazing creations based on the same theme. Seeing and writing about these legendary monsters has been like watching a Creature Double Feature…twice! I’m flooded with fond memories of childhood, popcorn, and campy kaiju movies right after the Saturday morning cartoons. Thanks for the memories, friends!


If you love kaiju and other creepy creatures as much as I do, then check out our monsters archive for a wild ruckus indeed.

Ghidorah joins the kaiju battle!

The Brothers Brick feed has been looking extra kaiju-y lately and we’re all thrilled about it. That’s because a group of friends got together to build the coolest LEGO kaiju ever. You may recall recent appearances from Mothra and Godzilla. Now Daniel Olvera joins the big kaiju battle with King Ghidorah! I just discovered HBO’s Turner Classic Movies hub so I’ve been rewatching all the great kaiju movies of my youth and loving every guy-in-a-rubber-suit-with-the-zipper-showing minute of it. Sure the monsters are fighting battles for reasons understood by no one, it’s a whole lot of schlock and you can totally see the strings on the flying rockets but that’s all part of the charm, really. Don’t tell Godzilla but I was kinda rooting for Ghidorah all along. If you love kaiju and other monsters as much as we do, then grab some popcorn and click the blue link to dig into our archives.


Like a Mothra to flame

Now I know I said before that Godzilla is undeniably cool. And he is. But I have to confess I’ve always held Mothra in higher esteem. So when Áron Gerencsér, AKA Pohaturon, unveiled this LEGO version of her, I was drawn to it like a moth to… Well, you know. As well as representing the coolest kaiju (I won’t be taking questions at this time), it’s a beautiful model in and of itself. The wings come from an Avatar: the Way of Water set, with their colours offset nicely by the white body. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a regular moth, and not a gigantic monster!


All hail Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Is there anyone out there who thinks a giant sea-dwelling lizard monster isn’t cool? No? Good. How about one made of LEGO? An even more resounding no? Excellent! In which case, take a look at this epic Godzilla by Joss Woodyard. Godzilla has many incarnations, and this one is based on its appearance in the Monsterverse films. The texturing is simply incredible. Joss makes great use of the stepped bow slope and a variety of textured rock pieces for the monster’s rough skin. Worth paying careful attention to, though, are the ridges up the spine. This is a mish-mash of curved and straight slopes and tiles; simple parts, but used to devastating effect to complete Godzilla’s menacing form.


Godzilla might be the King of the Monsters, but we’ve featured plenty of his subjects in our monster archives.

It’s best to keep an eye on this one

A LEGO builder who goes by the uncanny name of Iggs is a person of few words, all of them cryptic, shadowy, and kinda creepy. About this Lord of Many Eyes creation, he tells us “That which collects eyes will set sight on many…” The three dots at the end was his inclusion, probably for dramatic effect. And what a dramatic creation this is! I’m loving the foreboding nature of this totally creeptastic figure. Iggs’ words are a bit shadowy indeed but hold plenty of truth. The same can be said for anything, really. It’s kinda like me with Hot Wheels cars or, since we’re here talking about adult LEGO builders, and LEGO. This wouldn’t be the first time Iggs made us think whilst also giving us the heebie-jeebies a little. Click the little blue link (if you dare!) to see what I mean.

Lord of Many Eyes

Hallowe’en has never looked so cuddly

Koen Zwanenburg has added to his collection of plushie-style LEGO builds. Normally I would describe them as adorable, but since these are Hallowe’en themed… Ah, who am I kidding! They’re still cute. Except that clown, though. The last thing anyone needs a cuddly toy of is Pennywise. The consistency of style between all of them is remarkable, even among the less anthropogenic ones such as the pumpkin or spider. I think my favourite is the little devil. Who is yours?

Cuddly Toys: The Halloween Collection

It isn’t just plushies that make Koen such a good builder – have a look through some of his previous work!

Watch your fingies while handling this LEGO D&D chest mimic

It seems that we’ve seen a veritable dragon’s hoard of Dungeons and Dragons-themed builds lately, thanks in large part to the challenge on LEGO Ideas celebrating the 50th anniversary of the game. And I guess it’s time I toss one of my own onto the pile: this ferocious chest mimic. It’s mouth is brimming with treasure, including a necklace, ring, gold ingot, and lots of coins (2×2 round tile) and gems (1×2 transparent brick). These goodies are on display thanks to a false bottom built into the mimic’s mouth, upon which it’s tongue rests. If I had to pick a specific design piece that I was most proud of here, I would say it’s the use of exposed studs along the lid to emulate rivets in the dark gray metal. When faced with the challenge of using brackets to form the arch of the lid, I decided to lean into it and use the design byproduct to my advantage.

Mimic Chest - Lego Ideas D&D Challenge

It’s funny to think that this build started out as a generic treasure chest construction, complete with lighting to highlight the gems inside. And while those lights haven’t made it to this final version, the original frame remains largely intact. However, from this initial version through the handful of shows where the chest mimic has been on display, the model has broken on me three times. That’s not just into pieces, but countless fractured LEGO plates! I guess that’s the cost of working with so much reddish brown and not being overly careful when packing. The first major break was when prepping for the picture below. I dropped the chest’s lid on the concrete of my back patio and was forced to delay the photo shoot until the next night while I made repairs.

Treasure Chest (Night)

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing

While we often features builds by AFOLs, sometimes it’s important to remember that LEGO is, fundamentally, a kids’ toy. BetaNotus‘ local LEGO User Group (LUG) has borne that in mind with their latest challenge. Each builder was assigned a sketch by local children, and tasked with turning it into a MOC. It’s an adorable idea that has resulted in a rather cool-looking monster! It’s a skilful piece of building, but it still manages to retain the inventive charm of what a kid’s imagination can conjure up.

Reed's Monster

What happens when a Kaiju joins the human side?

The answer to the question posed in the title is demonstrated in this fascinating creation, built by Ryan Z. The model has an elongated form and is adapted for human use by having a carrier section on its back. The face has an interesting design with two large angled slopes placed together sideways with a green snowboard representing the tongue of the creature. The carrier section features a control tower overlooking a short runway where fighters can launch from. It could be quite the bumpy ride for those in the tower section, especially if this beast moves in a lizard like motion.

HMAS Lacerta Navis

A strange new horror emerges

A huge looming shadow envelopes a city as squirming tentacles rise from the earth, while a floating monstrosity transforms all in its wake into a dark and twisted land. Or at least that’s what we can assume is happening in this awesome build created by Ivan Martynov. The main model features an odd humanoid body surrounded by a variety of cable and tube parts. One of the protruding lower sections of the creature is actually a sled piece from the Life on Mars sets. Several of the structures on the ground are cleverly made up of old Znap pieces with hints of colour wedged in between. It also seems this new overlord will always be watching with its many gleaming red eyes.

Progeny of Atum