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We abhor the abysmal Abyssal Abhorrence

Once again Fedde Barendrecht presents a LEGO creation so upsetting we don’t know whether to throw up or run. Maybe a little of both. Live a little, right? This time we have the Abyssal Abhorrence; a creature so vile that living a little would likely be all we’d have time for if we ever encountered this beast for real. Actually, it closely resembles a real-life jellyfish or a giant squid; two reasons why I generally avoid any body of water deeper than a bathtub. For not the first time Fedde’s creations evoke an imagination worthy of H.P. Lovecraft. At least he’s interesting, right? If he was boring he’d instead likely evoke the spirit of writer Walter Scott.

The Abyssal Abhorrence

Most weird things can be explained away by swamp gas

According to official government files and weirdo LEGO builder Fedde Barendrecht, the strange phenomenon seen in the ’60s by farmers and other people without degrees has nothing to do with UFOs or hallucinogenic drugs. Yep, it turns out all the eerie lights in the sky, stories of alien probing, and the whole go-go dancing fad can be explained away by swamp gas. I’m loving Fedde’s presentation of this little creation on top of a pretty green geode. Neat! But all the weird flying saucers over Area 51 were definitely swamp gas and nothing more so don’t go thinking otherwise if you know what’s good for you. But still, who knew swamps could be so flatulent?

Swamp Gas

Hide your cows and protect your nether bits, here comes UFOSIX!

If you’re seeing some weirdness over the horizon that might be Fedde Barendrecht. Or rather his LEGO creation called UFOSIX, not Fedde. Although, while I’ve never met him in person, judging from the stuff he builds, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he is a tad weird. There’s nothing wrong with that, really. He seems to be the type of guy I’d love to have a beer with. Or a vacuum bag full of cat hair; whatever weirdness he might be into. Anyway, this snazzy unidentified far-fetched object has an uncanny Alien Conquest feel which, like the Kindle Fire and the end of Charlie Sheen’s career, takes us back to 2011.


No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.

This fun LEGO creation by Fedde Barendrecht reminds me why I love James Bond movies. There’s always a certain formula to it involving an eccentric baddie with a sweet lair and a massive ego. Instead of just covertly shooting Mr.Bond any maybe ending the series twenty-some-odd movies ago, they possess a flair for theatrics. Usually, they strap the suave not-so-secret agent to some buzzsaw-crotch contraption while methodically telling him in full detail how he’s going to die. This gives 007 plenty of time to not only escape the predicament but also have a martini and a romp in the sack with some pretty lass or another. Total classic Bond stuff! If you like this, then check out how Fedde Barendrecht tickles our funny bones as well as makes us a bit concerned for his well-being on occasion. Also James Bond stuff!

No Mr Bond

My eyes are up here!

Builder Fedde Barendrecht is hellbent on building complete weirdness and I am hellbent on cracking jokes about it. It’s what the nature shows call a symbiotic relationship between two diverse species who are mutually benefiting one another. Like many of us on Friday nights, this creature is a “Beligerant Beholder”. What is he/she belligerently beholding, you may ask? Well, I’m glad you did. Has this ever happened to you? After a third snap of the fingers you’re suddenly embarrassed to finally hear “hey, my eyes are up here, honey!” I am guilty as charged but who could help it? With eight legs, two dangly arms, a couple of tusks, two centralized protuberances of unknown purpose and what might be an epaulet comb-over there is just so much to stare at. Couple this with the fact that this creature’s eyes are atop four stalks and you have all the makings of an awkward conversation indeed.

Belligerent  Beholder

Please wash hands after handling the dead monkey-robot thingy

For most of us, our LEGO mistakes never see the light of day. But for Fedde Barendrecht, his mistakes–scratch that–his abominations make it onto The Brothers Brick. This unfortunate…um…dead robot-monkey thingy is a result of Fedde ordering the wrong parts, then making do with what he had. Among this pile of brown goo, I see a K-2SO head, a curled monkey tail and a DUPLO bearskin. You may squabble over whether or not this utilizes legitimate build techniques, but I am intrigued nonetheless. For me, it’s in the realm of those curio hoaxes such as the Fiji Mermaid or the Jackalope. Just like watching some fool jumping on a trampoline with a bowling ball, it’s bound to get ugly, you don’t want to see it happen, but you can’t turn away either. What is seen can never be unseen. Thanks, Fedde!

A Forgotten Thing

Slyme wins the internet

The internet is a fun, stress-free place to live, work, and play where everyone is civil to one another. Why just today I received a courteous email from a Canadian pharmaceutical company who would like to help me gain valuable length and girth (whatever that means) and another email from a super-polite Nigerian prince who offered to share his fortune with me. Do I want to click to see a photo of the fattest pussycat I would ever see? You bet I do! I literally can’t think of any way that could go horribly wrong. Among all of this internet surfing, I had stumbled upon this charming creation by Fedde Barendrecht.


It is most parts LEGO, some parts painted Blu-tac, and all parts slimy goodness. Andrew says this could go viral, which is The Brothers-Brick technical internet speak for-its super cool. You should click on all of Fedde’s content because he is no stranger to building a menagerie of little weirdos just like this one. Later today I might get into a dignified political debate with someone Josh says is probably a Russian troll. I’d sure like to meet a Russian troll! I bet they’re as cute as this little guy here. What a delightful day on the internet this has been!

He is horrible—horrible beyond anything you can imagine—but wonderful

This dark and mysterious figure by Fedde Barendrecht represents a powerful evil from H. P. Lovecraft’s horror stories. While not as well known as Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep is just as terrifying. In the stories and poems he is said to have a thousand forms, and Fedde has decided to build possibly the most sinister of them in LEGO; a tall, slender man with coal black skin and clothing, with tentacles spreading from underneath his robe.

The Black Man

Most of Fedde’s builds are small with a funny theme, generally centered around an imaginative new use for an exotic brick. Every now and again, however, a nightmare-inducing creation like this one pops up. The build itself is simple, or at least it uses very few pieces, apart from the numerous tentacles. My favourite part usage is the octopus used as Nyarlathotep’s mouth and the tentacles behind his head.