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Creepy crawly or fuzzy & fluffly (yes, that’s possible in LEGO), we love our LEGO animals. Check them out here, and fall in love yourself.

Reeks and Nexus and Acklays, oh my!

Despite being on the brink of its 25th birthday, somehow there are still locations and sets that haven’t been made into LEGO Star Wars sets. One that I’ve seen a lot of requests for recently is the Geonosian arena from Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Well, The Minikit Guy has had enough of waiting! He’s taken matters into his own hands and crafted a small section of this enormous arena. The stadium architecture is nice enough on its own, broken up with some nice texturing, and I like the way the balcony has been made with curved slopes. But the monsters are well worth a look too! You’ve got the cat-like Nexus; the rhinoceros-inspired Reek; and my personal favourite, the spidery Acklay. And look closely behind the Acklay – you might spot The Minikit Guy’s namesake hidden away in the walls!

UCS Petranaki / Geonosian Arena (Minifigure Scale)

It’s best not to lock horns with this one

The Lamprima Adolphinae, AKA the Sawtooth Stag Beetle, is something you were not even thinking about less than a minute ago but, now that it’s here, you have to admit is pretty amazing. That is the magic of a LEGO builder like Lokiloki29; one minute life is business as usual and the next you’re marveling a strange beetle. Loki squared times 29 tells us that the Sawtooth Stag Beetle is native to New Guinea and uses its formidable mandibles for fighting. Logic states, and it should go without saying, that while in New Guinea, you shouldn’t get into fisticuffs with it while at a sports pub or something but, judging from the comments we see around here from time to time, logic has left some of you ages ago and you’d relish the opportunity to pick a fight with anything and everything offering even the slightest whiff of provocation. Prove me wrong, you weirdos!

Lamprima  Adolphinae

Quetzalcoatl: the original feathered dinosaur?

Recent developments in paleontology seem to suggest that dinosaurs may have sported feathers rather than scales. They should have checked with the Aztecs (or Mayans) – they knew all about feathered reptiles like Quetzalcoatl (or Kukulkan) long ago. And Flickr builder Mr Youm knows all about bringing them to life in LEGO form! The ‘feathers’ in this case are mostly leaves, in actual fact, but the effect is phenomenal. The headdress is equally eye-catching. And speaking of eyes – how about the peepers on this fella? The use of a minifigure ice-pick as the slit pupil is inspired!

Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent

You’ll definitely hear this 8,000 piece LEGO Tremortusk coming

Man, I really need to play the Horizon series of video games. Now that might seem like a bit of a random ramble from yours truly (hey, it’s what I do best). After all, Horizon: Forbidden West came out 18 months ago now. The reason it’s suddenly on my mind is down to this mean-looking machine that Nicola Stocchi has built from nearly 8,000 pieces. This elephant-like creature, called Tremortusk, is apparently designed “to cull the human population”. I’m glad I read that particular piece of information. Had I only heard the name I would’ve guessed Tremortusk was a Pokemon or something. Somehow, I doubt this thing will take kindly to a Pokeball being lobbed at its head. So now I know not to try that. Every day is a school day!

Lego Tremortusk UCSThis isn’t the first creature in Nicola’s Horizon menagerie either – have a look at some of the others. They’re not all as friendly as Tremortusk here, mind, so tread carefully.

Wyrms: like dragons, but cuter

Supposedly, the difference between dragons and wyrms (and wyverns, and drakes) lies in the number of limbs they have, and whether they have wings or not. That may be so, but the name “wyrm” just sounds cuter than the others, don’t you think? Maybe that’s why Jonah Schultz refers to this adorable little LEGO guy as a wyrm, even if it technially has too many limbs to be one. That minifigure-leg snout is too cute to belong to a fire-breathing monster! How do we square this particular circle? Maybe Wyrm is its given name? Wyrm the Dragon. Yeah, that sounds fitting! If a little confusing…

The Wyrm's Treasure

We abhor the abysmal Abyssal Abhorrence

Once again Fedde Barendrecht presents a LEGO creation so upsetting we don’t know whether to throw up or run. Maybe a little of both. Live a little, right? This time we have the Abyssal Abhorrence; a creature so vile that living a little would likely be all we’d have time for if we ever encountered this beast for real. Actually, it closely resembles a real-life jellyfish or a giant squid; two reasons why I generally avoid any body of water deeper than a bathtub. For not the first time Fedde’s creations evoke an imagination worthy of H.P. Lovecraft. At least he’s interesting, right? If he was boring he’d instead likely evoke the spirit of writer Walter Scott.

The Abyssal Abhorrence

The Tarakava and its rider

Originally depicted by LEGO as a “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot”-esque Bionicle creature, the Tarakava gets a serious overhaul here by alex_mocs. Losing the treads and bopping arms, the creature now sports a raptor-like design, while maintaining the startling lizard visage. I love how the builder leaned into some of the printed parts and stickers from the Jungle Dragon Ninjago set, as well as the seamless integration of Technic and System LEGO parts, both in the mount and rider. But the details in the reins and saddle are what really set this build apart.

Cubone: the tragic backstory Pokémon

For a franchise that’s squarely aimed at kids, Pokémon can get really quite dark sometimes. Consider Cubone, ably built here by Joey Klusnick. Adorable, right? Well, according to various Pokédex entries, the skull it wears as a helmet is from a deceased parent. Moreover, the ‘dex entries also mention crying a lot. How tragic — this is a kids’ game, remember! Thankfully Joey’s creation is so well-built I think we can focus on how cute this little guy is otherwise. That Bram sphere tummy in particular makes it look very huggable. After reading all the lore on Cubone I (and it, probably) could do with a hug…


A wild serpent of a grand scale

It is truly remarkable the forms that can be made by repeating a handful of LEGO parts over and over. And this vicious-looking serpent by Aiden Rexroad is a wonderful example of such a technique. By repeating the pattern of turquoise minifig flippers and magenta tri-leaves, Aiden provides the perfect scaled look for this beast. This color pattern matches nicely with its spine of bright light orange fins. I would love to see the inner workings concocted to hold the outer shell in place, especially how the design was tapered at one end and connected to that fierce visage at the other. And speaking of its face, the blank white orbs used for eyes make for the perfect menacing touch!


It’s probably a bit of ostrich but...

Japanese LEGO builder Mitsuru Nikaido has a knack for turning any beast into a mechanized creature. This time the mighty ostrich gets the mech treatment. I’m loving the quizzical expression of this leggy bot. As always, there are some amazing shapes and build techniques here. This prolific builder’s growing bestiary is truly a sight to behold. Check out our Mitsuru Nikaido archives to see what I mean.

LEGO Mecha Ostrich_01

“It is time for the Ents to go to war”

Treebeard is probably one of my favourite characters in the Lord of the Rings. Shaun Sheepa has created this superb LEGO version to cart the hobbits Merry and Pippin around. It’s one of the best versions I’ve seen! The knurled root feet are great, and the face is particularly good. The nose is made from a droid arm, the moustache from a couple of curved wedge pieces, and the eyes from some 1×1 stud with bar pieces. They combine to really sell this as a realistic walking, talking tree! Or at least as realistic as that can be…


An elegant dragon

This elegant LEGO horned dragon by Aiden Rexroad appears to have a fluid, sinewy shape thanks to the ball joints of Bionicle, something that’s difficult to achieve with traditional System elements. A pair of large claws turned upside down gives the distinctive horn on the dragon’s nose, which lends a lot of uniqueness to this build. Meanwhile, Aiden has turned to Destiny’s Bounty from Ninjago to repurpose the cloth sails as wings.