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A fin-tastic knight of the sea

Take a trip with us down into the sea where we find a noble seahorse on a knightly quest in this wonderful LEGO scene by Mohamed Marei. Built for the Bio-Cup saltwater biome theme, the scene shows off the creativity of a great builder. The bright colors contrast nicely against the bronze look of the seahorse knight, bringing our attention to the central figure. Floating above the knight is an exquisite jellyfish, using an array of transparent pieces well. The framing of the scene is fluid and I can’t stop looking at it! As is intended in the Bio-Cup, this is one of those builds that pushes the use of LEGO as a medium to new levels. Also, can we acknowledge how nice the use of the stud shooter is for the mouth of the seahorse? It’s like it was meant for such a use all along.

Don Quixote, El Caballero Andante

Jellyfish are just the aliens of the sea

Do you ever go the LEGO store’s Pick-A-Brick wall, take whatever they have in a given colour, and see what you can make of it? That appears to be what’s happened here with greenarj. I have to say, if I’d gone for trans-blue at said wall I’m not sure I would’ve thought to make a jellyfish! Certainly not one with snowflakes and whips for tendrils. Knowing me I probably would’ve made something space-y. The trans-blue is actually a great choice, though – it has the same ethereal quality that these sea creatures possess. They’re beautiful, but they’re also weird, aren’t they? Are we sure jellyfish aren’t just aliens that ended up in the ocean and couldn’t get out? Maybe this is a space build, after all…


Have you seen this whale’s baleen?

Whenever a LEGO set hits the shelves with new parts or recolours, you can be sure that Thomas Jenkins will make short work of them! The idea behind this whale was to show off the black Technic panels in last year’s Porsche Formula E car. These parts have of course been great for Technic builders, but they pop up almost as often in creature creations like this one. Thomas hasn’t contented himself with making great use of these pieces though. Take a look at the mouth (or baleen, to be specific). This is a cloth piece from 75113 Rey. Two awesome parts uses in one awesome build? Now that’s just showing off!

Snack time for a sea serpent

There’s no other way to say it – it would really suck to be these guys. This LEGO Jörmungandr (Midgard Serpent) built by Cecilie Fritzvold could swallow that little boat in one toothy gulp. But could there be any solace in knowing that at least they were eaten by a pretty sea serpent? It’s an excellent use of the blue shield holder element, and the color combo with the dark blue and teal is on point. Finally, those wings on the head finish it off nicely as well!


Are you interested in seeing more from this builder? Check out Cecilie’s page in our archives. We also have more viking foder for you too!

I am the robot walrus

When I first heard about Mitsuru Nikaido‘s LEGO mecha walrus, I pictured a cyberpunk Beatles nightmare. But when I looked at how well-built and detailed it was, I was only impressed.

LEGO Mecha Walrus_09

What really sells this as a mecha walrus are the green eyes. They give off a ghostly computer-like glow that is creepy and makes the rest of the build look metallic. The tubing also helps, but without the eyes, I would have thought it was just a LEGO Technic-style sea mammal.
LEGO Mecha Walrus_11

The skin even looks like armor plating! Well done, Mitsuru!