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Meet the emerald enchanter that’s a defender of all LEGO fauna

While he’s certainly no Radagast the Brown, this nature-loving LEGO wizard by greenarj is clearly best friends with all the birds and beasts of the land. I adore all the plant pieces integrated into the enchanter’s cloak and hat, sporting nearly every color of green in the brick palette. His gnarled dark gray staff is an exceptional conglomeration of tubing, bars, clips, and minifig utensils. But let’s not forget all the effort put into this verdant vagabond’s entourage. The owl, bird, squirrel, fox, and bunny are all wonderful pieces on their own. The sheer number of ingenious connections and part uses among these five tiny beasties is astounding, but my favorite has got to be the tuft of fur on the fox’s chest made from Master Wu’s beard.

Green wizard

Jellyfish are just the aliens of the sea

Do you ever go the LEGO store’s Pick-A-Brick wall, take whatever they have in a given colour, and see what you can make of it? That appears to be what’s happened here with greenarj. I have to say, if I’d gone for trans-blue at said wall I’m not sure I would’ve thought to make a jellyfish! Certainly not one with snowflakes and whips for tendrils. Knowing me I probably would’ve made something space-y. The trans-blue is actually a great choice, though – it has the same ethereal quality that these sea creatures possess. They’re beautiful, but they’re also weird, aren’t they? Are we sure jellyfish aren’t just aliens that ended up in the ocean and couldn’t get out? Maybe this is a space build, after all…


What a looney way to catch a road-runner

Builder Greenarj presents us with a LEGO scene in which we can observe the Eternalii Famishiis in his native habitat. Wile E. Coyote possesses great determination to catch the uncatchable Tastyus Supersonicus, aka Road-runner. Wile E. Coyote also possesses a longtime subscription to Acme products, the latest of which is the rocket here. There’s a high chance this could go south for Coyote, yet he seems unfazed by the possibility. Nonetheless, Greenarj has wisely provided a medical kit–just in case! The build makes good use of rail plates for the rocket’s mobile launcher. The shaping of the rocky outcropping looks like it was taken right out of the old cartoons. And no small feat is the lettering of “ACME” on the open crate full of tools and dynamite. Even now, I can hear the “meep meep” of Road-runner, beckoning Wile E. Coyote onward to–KABOOM!

Wile E. Coyote