I, for one, welcome our robotic lemur overlords

We have a complicated relationship with lemurs here at Brothers Brick. On one hand, they’re cute, cuddly, and good at fishing LEGO bricks from down the back of the couch. But on the other hand, they’re messy, nibble on our server power cables, and smell a bit. Maybe we should look to replace our lemur Continue reading →

Final voyage of the Lemuria

There’s something calming, peaceful, and haunting about a shipwreck. It’s knowing that it’s untouchable at the deepest depths of the ocean, where no one can touch the remains of the ship. Built by TBB contributor Luka Vodnik, this is a sombre ship, mesmerizing us with contrasting details and a story we may never know. Smooth Continue reading →

Build your very own adorable TBB Lemur [Instructions]

Have you seen an adorable, wide-eyed Lemur lurking around here? That’s A. Lemur, TBB’s resident dogsbody and mischief maker, and this green-fringed strepsirrhine primate has become something of a mascot for our site. TBB Senior Contributor Elspeth De Montes designed a fantastic mini model of the cute little guy for our Advent Calendar Contest last month, and Continue reading →

A. Lemur does BrickCon

Hey Folks! It’s the Lemur here. Just got back to the compound after a great weekend in Seattle, at BrickCon. There were lots of tasty creations there and I was able to get my paws on all kinds of cool swag. Caylin let me check out everything on the condition that I not break anything Continue reading →

Ask A Lemur – Art, History, and the Dark Ages

Hello, everyone! This week has been so great! Andrew forgot to yell at me, and even asked me to grab him coffee. And you know what’s amazing? I didn’t mess it up! Josh was so proud. He decided I’d be allowed to “help” with the “Battle of Bricksburg” display for BrickCon! He says I’m not Continue reading →

Ask A Lemur – Monorail, MOCs, and Renders

Hi there! I, uh, owe everyone an apology. You see, I got into some bit of trouble at the TBB compound. I found this room, right, and it was nice and warm and had the BEST multicolored vines. It turns out those were important? Andrew called them “cables.” Chris found me chewing on them for Continue reading →

Ask A Lemur – Cracks in new LEGO, Restoring Yellowed Bricks, & Posting Privileges

Hello, Long-Suffering Friends! Well, I’ve a had a rough week. Apparently Josh thought I was getting too big for my britches (whatever those are) and decided to replace me with someone more easily manipulated. Without anyone else’s knowledge, he sent me on a “special mission” to one of our remote listening posts and conveniently forgot Continue reading →

Ask A Lemur – LUGBULK, LEGO Price Differences & The Lemur’s Favorite Piece

Hello Dear Friends! I recently found a camera and was able to sneak some time to shoot a video. Check it out! If you aren’t into video, you can read my normal write-up below.

Ask A Lemur – Sourcing LEGO, Old Grey vs New Grey & Gender Stereotypes

Greetings and High-Fives to all my good friends out there! It is I, A. Lemur, writing from The Brothers Brick’s compound! I’m here to answer all of your fabulous questions about anything and everything. This last weekend, I attended Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle and I have to tell you, it blew my mind. Continue reading →

Ask A Lemur – Finding Blog-Worthy Builds, Discovering new techniques & The TBB Compound

Tonga sao, My Dear Friends! Here I am, once again, the lemur intern for The Brothers Brick! As you know, I’ve taken it upon myself to answer any and all of your questions regarding the LEGO fan community or The Brothers Brick itself. If there is anything that has been on your mind, please feel Continue reading →

Ask A Lemur – Role-play Projects, the “Super Jumper” Challenge & New Contributors

Greetings, Dear Readers! I’m back and I’ve missed you so much! It’s been quite a hectic month. I apologize for being off-line for so long. Several things happened to stop me from posting, all of which were beyond my control. First off, groceries and supplies were getting low, here in the TBB compound. Though she Continue reading →

Ask A Lemur – “Legos”, Tiles in Clips & Lemur Minifigs

Welcome to my abode, dearly esteemed Readers! I’m very sorry for the delay in posting today. When I crawled out of my crate this morning, all the contributors were already up (a true rarity, let me tell you) and running amok. I was sternly informed that it was Andrew’s annual inspection and I had to Continue reading →